Friday, 1 May 2015

EMJ Kit essentials

As working makeup artists we have to carry kits about with us everywhere. For a makeup artist quite often the worst part of a job is packing your kit. If you're anything like us you'll be doing it at midnight the night before.
 If you can organise your kit into smaller segmented bags then it honestly makes your life so much easier. You can simply pack which individual bags you think you will need rather than taking every item.

 We often get asked which brands we prefer to transport everything in and we really like the range EMJ has to offer.
 EMJ is created by working makeup artist Emily-Jane Williams( Having worked in the industry she knows what works well and is always creating new designs and products to suit the needs of the working makeup artist. Of course anyone can use these products so if you are just a makeup fanatic there are some great products to help you store away all your products.

We have the Zinc kit bag which is made from faux leather and oil cloth in black and silver. It's unisex, lightweight and really easy to clean when you spill products on and in it.
 Around the outside are lots of large, deep pockets to store styling brushes, makeup brushes or whatever you please.
 The zip is strong and opens up wide so you can reach in easily.
 It's a very deep bag so you can get everything you need for a shoot inside.
 This particular bag is £60.00 but there are other styles and colours available on the website if this is not to your taste.

Other pieces we love from the range are  the brush tubes. We have the matching zinc finish one but again there are other options.
 What we love about these is that they are soft enough to squeeze into your kit but also firm enough to protect the product inside.

The tubes can be used for brushes, lip pencils, eye pencils or even your glosses.
 There is a hard base at each end of the lid and base so that once opened each end can stand upright holding your products straight. 

This is perfect when space is limited and you can just pop this at your work station and locate your colours or brushes with ease. The case is secured with a clip to make sure your products don't escape in transit.
 These are £34.00 each.

For your remaining products there are mesh style pouches with zip to separate all your products. They are available in different sizes so you can select the size depending on the product.

 We like to keep foundations in one, blushes in another, lip gloss in another and so on. These range from £15-£17.00
 Products such as concealers and eye shadows we always purchase in a palette and for lipstick we decant into pill box style palettes to make it easier to view the colours. You can then just lay these in your kit bag.

If you are in need of kit essentials or storage solutions then check out EMJ over at
 Emily-Jane has tons of other products also that may be of interest.



  1. I'd love to be a make up artist, especially packing my kit! A girl can dream! x

  2. Great post, I love packing all of my makeup up! X

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  4. Great Post !
    I really like your makeup carry bag and also the logo makes very good appearance on the bag.

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