Friday, 29 May 2015

Diorshow Collection

Dior show collection is a capsule collection featuring some new everyday essentials.
 We have three key eye pieces to show you...

 Diorshow Mascara
 I can't keep up with the amount of mascara's Dior launch but the latest is a reinvention of the classic. 

Huge brush but the formula of the mascara is really nice. Creamy and long wearing with no flaking. The brush itself is really bristly and adds volume easily.
 The USP of this mascara is the updated formula. It has a patented anti-drying formula with an air-lock system that helps the mascara to stay fresh and fluid. This is great news as we have found that Dior mascaras have previously gone dry after a few weeks.
 Diorshow Mascara is £25.00

 Diorshow Pro Liner
 This new liner is a hybrid. It looks like a kohl but feels like a gel on application. It has a bevelled, angled edge so you can get close to the lash line and use the angle of the liner to create a flick.


 The liner is a twist up and the product glides on very easily. It's hard to get a fine line with this liner and you can't really blend the line you have created. Once on though this is waterproof and lasts really well. Good if you want a solid, un-blended line. Great for watery eyes or for humidity and sports.
 Available in six colours and is £20.00.

Diorshow Brow Styler
 In our opinion this is the best of the new launches. It's a firm plastic brow comb. It has a twist up end which then dispenses the serum-like gel out through tiny hole in the brush.

The formula of the gel is lightweight and non sticky. It separates the brow hairs and holds them in place.
 Available in three colour options of clear, light brown and ashy blonde.

 Be careful not to wind the the end too much as it can dispense too much product and leave your brows looking wet rather than groomed.

 The Diorshow Brow styler gel is £21.00

 All three pieces are available nationwide from June 2015.



  1. I'm a big fan of the original diorshow mascara so I'm interested to try the new formula!

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL

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  2. Wow the brow styler gel sounds good but not sure if light brown would go on my dark brows, will have to check this once it's out. sabiha x

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  3. these all look like great products

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  5. ooh, a must try! i guess its good to splurge once in a while huh?


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