Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Chanel Collection Blue rhythm de Chanel

Chanel seem to be branching out just lately from the classic tones we know them for and producing some pretty impressive brights.
 We recently told you about their collection de Méditerranée http://goo.gl/Aqrjwv which also had some bold colour choices.
 This collection is still on the same lines as the previous collection but more of a sultry Summer evening look.

The eye quartet used in this visual is the Tissé Jazz palette birth £40.00. A mix of midnight blues and smokey grey.

L: Tissé Jazz R: Tissé Smoky

We have the Tissé smoky quad featuring black, pewter, silver and pearl shades.
  Each shade has a shimmer, metallic finish with good colour pigment. The shades perform nicely with each other for a perfect, blended gradient.

There are two mascara's in the collection (£25.00). One in midnight blue ( this makes the whites of your eyes so bright), the other is a turquoise with a fine silver glitter pigment. The plastic style wand ensures great definition. Use on it's own for a vivid lash look or wear on top of a black mascara for a more subtle hint of blue to the tips. Looks great worn solely on the bottom lashes too.

The only lip product is the high voltage volume clear gloss. This has a mirror like shine and contains pink peppercorn to stimulate the circulation and revive the natural colour of the lips along with vitamin E for hydration (£26.00).

The nail varnish selection is beautiful. Again two blue shades, one in navy and one in a more royal vibrant blue (£18.00).

Vibrato Nail Varnish

This collection is limited edition and available nationwide from 29th May 2015.


  1. Oh my! I did not need to see these gorgeous blue shades when I am going through my blue phase!


  2. These are actually wonderful some ideas in the blog. You have touched good quality.

    GE 12L

  3. Never wear mascara..so hard for me, even at 47 years old!! Always looks clumpy etc..these look lovely!! May have to get! Brushes look small which I like. Only problem..which one to get....

  4. I'm surprised you don't have blue eyeliner. It all looks great. Great post.

  5. The blue nail polish looks so bright, I like the color! I think that´s my must have from this collection :)

    Isa | My Beauty BlogInstagram


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