Thursday, 14 May 2015

Anastasia Waterproof Créme colour

We have told you recently about a lot of new waterproof products but these new créme shadows from Anastasia Beverly Hills are something else!
 I think after a nuclear war the only remaining things would be cockroaches and the colour of these eye shadows.
 The colour intensity is the same on the skin as it is in the pot.
 They are cream shadows and apply to the skin in a slick of thick, creamy colour. Blending is easy so long as you blend immediately. Once these dry off there is zero movement and you will be left with a blob of opaque matte colour so work fast.

Available in 6 shades of not particularly everyday colours.....

  These colours are not going to be your everyday shades but they have multiple uses.
 Used as a block colour over the eyelid they make a strong impact when worn on their own. You can use them as a long lasting base underneath a powder eye shadow.
 Use them as a liner along the lash liner which will withstand even the most watery eyes.
 Great for use in body painting also.
 They dry off completely matte on the skin.
 I couldn't remove these with water or a face wipe. You have to use a really oily makeup remover. Massage the remover into the skin well before rinsing. Be careful not to drag the skin around the eyes.

They are $18 each and are available from



  1. Wow! So bright! I'd probably wear these as liner (:

  2. Jesus. They are BRIGHT! Amazing pigment. I have a friend that would love these! Thank you for sharing this with us.



  3. Wow these are so bright, but I do really like Sunset. I think for me, that would be the most wearable!

    Love Lucy x

  4. Gosh I cannot believe how vibrant these are for cream colours!

    Emily x

  5. I'm really drawn to these even though I wouldn't normally go for such bright colours! The formula sounds great x

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog

  6. I've never seen such pigmented colours before, these are really impressive but perhaps a tad bright for me!!

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