Thursday, 30 April 2015

Too Faced Selfie Powders

We are in the age of the Selfie and there doesn't look to be an end to it anytime soon. We all have done it at some point, whether it's as a lone traveller in front of an iconic landmark or just a quick shot of you and your friends in the pub toilet! 
 Instagram has given us a platform to upload our pictures which we can edit to suit our mood. It's great to light up a dark picture or help to smooth your features but just don't take it too far guys. We see so many Instagram shots which have been filtered to within an inch of their lives. Making the subject almost unrecognisable.

Too Faced are jumping on the bandwagon of the filtered generation and have launched their Selfie powder compact.

 What are they?
 Lightweight finishing powders pressed into a mirrored compact. There are three different powders which feel almost cream to the touch. They each give a super fine veil of powder to the skin.
 Sunrise is a golden, yellow powder which brightens and adds a warmth to the skin.
Totally toasted is a soft tan which has a bronze glow.
Moon River is a lavender tone which helps to brighten the skin tone. Especially good for a sallow skin tone that needs neutralising.

Do they work?
 Obviously they will never work to the extreme of a photographic filter but they do help to subtly brighten. The lavender Moon river works really well to give a radiance without any shimmer or sparkle. Just naturally highlights. The golden works in much the same way but highlights with a warmth rather than the coolness of Moon river.
 Totally toasted is basically a really sheer bronzer. Looked great used as a natural contour.

These are a nice alternative to a regular powder, helping to mattify without looking powdery and flat. They brighten naturally and give a subtle radiance. If you're an avid Instagram filterer then I don't think you'll be deleting the app any time soon but these will go some way to helping you to achieve a healthy natural base.
 Available from April at £32.00 for the compact of three powders.




  1. The concept of this sounds slightly bizarre to me but quite intriguing at the same time. I would love to see if this works :) X


  2. these sound so crazy I would just love to try them

  3. This is a good idea!! I am going to buy asap! :) I really want to review!


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