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Mama Mio Pregnancy products

There seems to be quite a baby boom at the moment amongst the people we know. Maybe it's the Fifty shades of grey effect or maybe we are all just at that age where we think it's time to finally grow up! I hope it's the latter!
 This is Stacey writing this blog and I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and counting. 
 I have never really experienced anything quite like pregnancy. I never knew that literally something changes in your body every single day and there are huge differences from one week to the next. 
 I always thought how my body looked during pregnancy would really bother me but in fact it really doesn't (I'm sure not everyone feels this way though).
 Worrying about stretchmarks and weight gain really is the last thing on my mind. I worry more if all I have wanted to eat today is a piece of toast and did the 'standing up to quick' pains mean I have damaged my baby! Although the nausea is most unpleasant I also welcome it in a weird way. I feel as though if I feel nausea then everything is ticking along as it should.
 Anyway I digress...
 I haven't really worried too much about stretch marks because I honestly believe they are mostly genetic however I do want to give my skin it's best opportunity to stretch with as much help as I can give it.

We recently had a meeting with Emma from SpaceNK and she was filling me in on what's hot in terms of caring for pregnancy skin.
 She said I absolutely had to try Mama mio products. 

 Emma told us how the Kardashians and Tamara Ecclestone are among Mama Mio's fans so I thought I better give it a go!

 I haven't tried all of the products in the range but here are some of my favourites so far..

The Tummy Rub Butter

This smells so delicious I just want to eat it (not in a weird craving way!) A 120g pot of cream which has a thick, rich whipped cream texture. Not so thick though that you are dragging the skin and rubbing for ages. It absorbs really easily. 
  It contains organic Coconut, Avocado, Sacha Inchi, Olive, Rosehip, Argan, Sweet Almond Oils and Shea Butter.
 My skin has been so itchy however I haven't had any itching since using this. It helps to soothe the skin whilst increasing skin elasticity. They recommend using this for four months after having your baby also to help skin bounce back to how it was.
 This is £23.50 and I have been using it from my hips to top of my ribs and all the way round to my back every morning. I can dress immediately and it doesn't leave a film on my skin.

The Tummy Rub Oil

So because I use the butter during the day I use this oil at bedtime.
 I have already been testing out other oils which have left my skin texture feeling nice however I found that they increased my skin itching. I felt like they sat on the surface of my skin and took forever to dry off which made my skin feel more itchy.
 This oil which has much the same ingredients as the butter but is packed with omega rich, organic oils.
 I keep it next to my bed and as i'm laying in bed (usually by 8pm!) I watch TV and massage it gently over my stomach and hips. It doesn't even make the sheets oily.
 This oil is also in 120g pump action bottle and is a little more expensive at £27.00.

Lucky Legs Leg Gel

At 17 weeks I think it's a bit early to suffer with swollen, tired legs but I have been using this gel on the odd occasion. 
Lightweight gel containing Menthol, Spearmint and zesty Lemon plus the moisturising benefits of  Lavender, Chamomile, Arnica and Murumuru Butter.
 This feels really refreshing, cooling and a little tingly. It would be lovely on tired legs and I will definitely be keeping this with me in the Summer months.
 The 100ml pump style bottle is £19.00

Mama Mio have lots of other products in their range so be sure to check them out at SpaceNK http://goo.gl/Yqq6Xh

SpaceNK do have global shipping so check out their site if you live outside of the UK.

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  1. It's not just you, all my friends are popping babies! Everyone is asking me when's my turn, but I'm going to wait I think, pregnancy and motherhood is too daunting for me right now. In the meanwhile I'm just enjoying spoiling my expecting friends with pregnancy skincare, and Mama Mio is one of my favourite go-tos! x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored


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