Friday, 17 April 2015

JT Makeup Gilding Flakes

We are like magpies here at Pixiwoo, instantly attracted to anything that catches the light!
 Check these gilding flakes out from JT Makeup.

  Gilding flakes are primarily used by makeup artists to create unique looks or for body painting however with the Summer around the corner and festival season kicking off these make a beautiful adornment for something a bit different.
 Both Nic and Sam have actually created looks using something similar so take a look again for some inspiration.... 

What we love about these little pots of treasure is that they are broken up into flakes, making them more manageable.
 There are a few colour themed pots to select from. We have the following..

Autumn Rose- Think of all of the colours created during Autumn. The beautiful burnt amber tones, rose golds and bronze.

 Gold- Standard vibrant golden flakes.

 Peacock- Peacock feathered inspiration including golds, mints and turquoise flakes.

Gilding flakes are quite fiddly to use but they are not designed to sit even and perfectly on the skin so don't be too precious about getting them even and exact. They will break and crumble but you can build them up and add pieces.
 They need to adhere to a cream or gel texture. Apply your makeup as normal and then using a flat brush press a little cream eyeshadow or vaseline over the area you wish to apply. Choose your gilding flake and roughly shape it to required size. Press onto the area carefully using tweezers. Softly buff a dry, fluffy brush over the top to smooth it down and brush away any hanging edges. You can catch any falling pieces and pop back into the pot to use again. You can layer pieces on top of each other or wear them in patches on their own.
 Use them on the face or body and have fun!
 These gilding flakes will be available soon on
but are available now from




  1. These look amazing! I wish I had an occasion I could use them for! x

  2. Are they less or more annoying than gold leaf?

  3. Are they less or more annoying than gold leaf?

  4. I remember your gold leaf tutorial and how amazing it looks :D but it is probably so hard to work with


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