Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Chanel Collection Méditerranée


The weather is definitely on the up now and there is no better way to embrace this than with a Chanel Summer collection.

 Inspired by the French Riviera during the 1920’s this collection is a compilation of the tones of the Mediterranean. The blue skies, bronzed skin of the gorgeous women and pops of colour from a near by beach umbrella or sailing yacht.

 In my mind I am already there!

 Starting with the skin. The Lumiére D’eté is a limited edition radiant bronzing powder. 


 Embossed with a delicate camellia flower and ever so delicately tinted with a warm golden shade and fine reflective pigments to catch the light. Can be dusted all over the high points of the face for a natural tanned appearance or on a deeper skin tone use as a soft highlight on the cheekbones and décolleté.
 This mirrored compact is £40.50.

 No heavy flat powders to be seen in this collection for the eyes. Light reflective, smudgy, creams in the classic Chanel stylo twist up applicator. There are five shades in total all of which are limited edition.


 These stylo’s are travel friendly and glide onto the eyelid in one creamy swipe. Due to their high content of water they feel cooling on the skin making them perfect for a hot climate. We have two of the available shades in 107 Campanule and 147 Caroube.


 107 is a lavender shot with a fine lilac shimmer sparkle. 147 is a warm tan brown with a golden shimmer. The finish is a multi shimmer, satin finish which sparkles in the sunlight. Perfect to use as a base or to layer on top of each other.

 The additional colours are a baby blue, apricot and sage green.

 Each Stylo is £19.00 each.

 There are a selection of Rouge Coco shine lipsticks. We have the shade 507 Insoumise which is a sheer finish, moisturising texture in a flame coral. A look stunning on all skin tones but compliments a tan or darker skin tone beautifully.

 Each lipstick is £25.00.

 Two glosses are launched with this collection. Both are limited edition. We have shade 447 Allegria which is a striking cherry red with a mirror shine.
 The glosses are £22.00 each.

Of course a summer collection is not complete without a nail varnish for your fingers and toes. We like to mix it up and contrast our toes to our nails but matching always looks very chic.


 Four colours in total taking their inspiration from the steep rocks, the azure blue sea and the exotic flowers strewn along the coastline.

 We have the three most striking colours in 707 Mediterranée, 717 Coquelicot and 727 Lavanda.



707 is a turquoise blue, 717 is vermilion red and 727 a vivid violet.

 The remaining colour in 697 Terrana is a chocolate bronze shot with pink shimmer.

 Each nail varnish is £18.00.

The Collection Méditerranée is available nationwide from 8th May 2015. www.chanel.com

What do you think of this summer launch, is it something you will be wearing on your holiday this year?



  1. I feel like it'd be blasphemous to say I'm underwhelmed by this collection, but I totally am. It just doesn't scream Chanel to me, the colours are far more vivid than anything they usually do!

    Lyon Notes

  2. The embossing on the bronzer is probably my favourite! I also love the coral Lipstick! These Products are all so beautiful! X.


  3. All if this just has my body screaming to be whisked away to the South of France for a luxurious holiday. The bronzer has got to be my favourite and something I'm most definitely going to drool all over when I see it on a beauty counter. I actually quite like the shade Mediterranée, usually I find blue/green shades quite ugly but that's a really lovely colour.

    She's So Lucy

  4. Such a nice collection and fitting for the season!

    Meme xx

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    'The Book Mouse Suggest: A New Blogging Venture'

  5. I picked up the bronzer and the bronze/brown eyeshadow stick today. I am SO excited to try them out tomorrow and see how the look. I've been very pleased with their stylos in the past, so I've got high hopes.

  6. I cannot wait to try the collection!

  7. So beautiful. That bronzer...sigh...

  8. Oh wow, I need to go and try these. I love the look of the bronzer and some of the shadow sticks.

  9. Cannot find this available anywhere in the UK as yet. Do you know when they will be launching on the Chanel UK site, as far as I can see it's only available in the US and other European countries at the moment :(


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