Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Suqqu Chiffon Collection

 Japaneese brand Suqqu have launched their typically Spring like collection in pastels and bronze washes of colour.

From Left: #25 Haruhinata, #19 Awafujisukashi, #18 Sakuraori

The three limited edition quads (available now) contain 4 luxurious powdered, pigmented shades.
 The powders in this collection are silicone coated to help blend over textured skin such as fine lines and are infused with amino acid which have skin caring benefits.

Anyone who isn't Japanese will most likely struggle to pronounce the titles of these palettes but luckily they are also numbered!

Number 25-Haruhinata palette all have a shimmer finish and are a mix of bright gold highlighter, apricot, plum/grey and a blue based baby pink. The lighter shades do take a lot of building up to get a good wash of colour.

Number 19-Awafujisukashi contains a pearl finish highlighter which gives a two tone finish of pink and silver, lavender, rich taupe and delicate copper.

 Number 18 Sakuraori has a similar pearl highlighter, warm toned pink, golden bronze and rich rusty copper.

 Zero drop down from these and all the colours weirdly work together. Great for people who don't like strong pigments but favour sheer washes. Because of the silicone pigments these sit well on a more mature skin.

The palettes are not cheap though..£45.00 each and available from


  1. But sounds and looks like as if these palettes are the high price worth :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. WOW these quads are stunning. High price! Would love to go along and swatch xo

  3. Not too impressed with the pay off :/ maybe with a primer or a paint pot it will impress me more

  4. The last palette looks gorgeous!

  5. Love the top palette!
    For people who want a stronger pigment there is always the wet brush trick- more intense color & lasts better đź’›


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