Thursday, 5 March 2015

Smashbox 24 Hour CC Spot Concealer

This March Smashbox are launching their new CC concealer. This concealer has been specifically formulated to work on areas of skin pigmentation such as dark spots, sun damage and old acne scaring.
 This is quite a heavy duty concealer which instantly blanks out the area of skin you are applying it to, giving you a totally even and flawless base.

The CC (colour corrector) helps to balance out the pigmented colour in your skin whilst also helping the marks to gradually fade over time.

On application you can feel that this concealer has a unique texture. Once dry it has an almost satin/silicone feel to the skin. It's formula is transfer proof, waterproof, sweat proof and humidity resistant.

 The applicator wand is tiny! A long slim, flexible wand which tapers down to a minuscule point. This makes precision application easy. You can dot a tiny amount onto the discoloured area, wait for 5 seconds and then tap the product into the skin to blend.
 You can layer up once dry but because of the excellent coverage you probably won't need to.
 This is not a concealer to be swept all over the face where you want extra cover, it's all about applying it carefully and precisely to the discoloured areas to help even skin and to treat the scaring.
 Could be used around the eyes but may settle into fine lines.

 After using this concealer for a few days I have realised the packaging leaks awfully. When you twist the cap shut the concealer seeps out of the gap. My makeup bag is covered in smudges of concealer. I have to wipe the packaging after every use. Such a shame because I really like the product.

There are eight shades from light through to dark and the shades are a mix of pink and golden tones. 
 These are £20.00 each and are available online now and on counter from March 11th 2015.



  1. Smashbox packaging is always fab!

    Kirsty |

  2. Looks so sleek! Never tried a Smashbox product! xo

  3. A full coverage concealer like this one is perfect to cover under eye concealer. Will surely try it out

  4. A full coverage concealer like this one is perfect to cover under eye concealer. Will surely try it out

  5. I love the Smashbox BB Concealer, so I'm excited to try this!

  6. Looks like it would be very precised,

  7. All the testers in Boots had this leakage problem which i thought was odd as it only launched the day before but i thought maybe customers had been sloppy while testing them but after 2 days of using mine its done the same, all inside my handbag. not impressed.


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