Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Pixiwoo N.P.U

There are so many awesome products coming out in 2015 and we are not always able to feature them all. We thought it would be fun every two weeks to do an NPU (New product update) review to keep you up to date. We quite often see good deals online from the various brands so thought we could throw a few of these in as well. 
 Most of the collections will be available globally but there may be some alternative launch dates.
 We will try and include offers from around the world but if we miss any that you know of in your country then leave a comment so we can all share the discount!
 Over the next few weeks most of these products will also feature individually here on the blog for extra detail.




  1. Great Idea x You guys never fail to impress :)

  2. Love♥ the idea of a NPU video--fantastic! Please, please tell me whether the new Burberry lipsticks have the old floral smell/taste?? I am in love with many of the colors/texture of the lip cover but I couldn't handle the strong floral and was really hoping they decided to reformulate without. I know many others feel the same way:) TIA!!

  3. Hi Nic & Sam - I love your videos - I love to copy lots of your makeup looks! Nic, your skin and makeup look extra amazing in this video - can you post what you used please?!


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