Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ciate The Treatment Collection

This March Ciate are launching their new nail treatment wardrobe. They have come up with a solution to pretty much all of your nail woe's.

 Sold individually these 13.5ml bottles go on as a clear treatment. You can then use your desired nail colour on top if you please.

  • Base Balance 
Removes all residue from the nail bed in prep for your nail paint.

  • Mattnificent
This will matte down any colour nail varnish you use. Even if it's a glossy nail varnish it will be instantly mattified.

  • Status Grow
This is good for short nails that just won't grow. Contains aloe, ginseng, pomegranate, tons of vitamins and active keratin to stimulate nail growth.

  • Bloom Boost 
This is an optical brightener for dull nails. It gives a glossy sheen to the nail whilst enhancing the pinkness of the nail bed.

  • Nail Goodness
The remedy for dry nails. I'll be applying this in abundance this winter! Nourishes and conditions.

  • Nail Super Hero
Best for bendy nails to harden them up. Contains garlic and caviar! Ohh la la!

  • Nail Gym
For weak nails that need strengthening. If your nails are soft and break before they grow.

  • Underwear
A good all round base coat to help your manicure last longer.

All of these are £12.00 and available from March.

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  1. I loove the packaging <3



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