Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ciaté Ice Cream Collection

Here is a bit of fun for the spring! New Ice Cream effect nail kit from Ciaté.
 Ciaté are the kings of nail art and always have something on trend to inspire your nail creativity.

I'm not a fan of jewelled nails or pieces which stick out from the nail bed. They look good but I always catch them on my clothes or tights which then ruins both my nails and my outfit!
 The new ice cream collection is super easy to do and really effective.

The kit compromises of five mini pastel nail colours and sheets of ice cream topping sauce effects in multi colours.

Paint your nails in the colour or colours of your choice. Two coats is needed for a good coverage.

Once your nails are dry select your topping and apply to the nail. You will need to trim off the excess with nail scissors and then file down the edges.

Please excuse my dry hands and nails! It's still so cold here in the UK!!
 These nails are making me excited for Summer. I just wish there were more stickers in the kit so I can re create more often. I'm sure it would be easy for you arty people out there to recreate just with a nail art tool though. The stickers just make life a bit easier, you can spend the extra time you have actually eating an ice cream!
 These stickers only ever really look good for a day I think. By the next morning the nail varnish was still fresh but the stickers had started to curl a little at the very edges. Great for a one off special occasion though.

Available from March for £22.00


  1. Woah I love these! Such pretty colours

    Jenna |

  2. I haven't been bothered by a Ciaté collection for a while now, but I really love the look of this! Especially the shades Iced Frappe and Double Bubblegum!

  3. I love the pastel colours! The stickers are cute too!

  4. here is my biggest problem with the ciaté kits.. most of them look good for one day and then the next day it starts to look rubbish :/ i had this issue with the beads, the chalk kit (and it was so hard to draw on the nails as well) and the glitter same; the only one that last a few days is the velvet.. :/

    1. Definitely a one day/special occasion product

  5. I'm not big on pastels but these are really cute and the stickers look great!

  6. So pretty! That's strange as in general I find the ciate polish lasts quite well on my nails. Xo

  7. Loving the idea! I'm not a fan of nail stickers (can't make them look neat at all) but when it's just the tip and a few drops, I'd definitely give it a go.

  8. Oh these look so pretty for summer, might have to try these! x

  9. Oh these look so pretty for summer, might have to try these! x

  10. Theese are super cute, I love the colours! Especially Pistachi-ooh-la-la :)

  11. These are so cute, gorgeous colours too, perfect for Spring :)

  12. gorgeous colours, cute design, perfect for spring/summer

  13. I love Ciaté kits and they always have a very friendly price too. These colours are besuitful! x

  14. So pretty!! One thing to look forward to during the next sales!
    I can't allow myself to buy more nailpolishes "since the accident" (that one time I counted my mint coloured nailpolishes, all 13 of them)

    Barbs, it's all about Aesthetics!

  15. This is such a cute idea! Ciate always come out with the most original kits!

    Cass | CassandraMyee


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