Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bao Bao Wan for MAC

So who is Bao Bao Wan? We weren't too sure (probably much to the amusement of most of Asia).
 Bao Bao Wan is pretty massive in China. She is a jewellery designer and all round "it" girl. Strikingly beautiful and immaculately turned out she makes a great muse for MAC.
 Clearly a lover of colour and texture (check her instagram @baobaowan). If we can achieve her flawless skin by using this collection then it will be a sell out for MAC.

Having worked for MAC for a number of year I probably sold around Five Belightful powders a day so was surprised when they discontinued it. 
 If you were a fan of this powder too then you'll be pleased to announce it makes a come back for this collection...although they have given it a different name.

They have given this Beauty powder the name Summer Opal but it's definitely the old Belightful formula and colour.
 A soft, flesh pink highlighter with a tiny gold fleck to it. 
Beautiful sheen for the cheekbones or highlight for the brow bone.Gives such a natural highlight which catches the light gently.The beauty powder is £23.00.

The eye shadow palette contains five slithers of highly metallic colour.

A selection of coppers and bronze with a baby pink shimmer and a petrol blue thrown in. All shades are in a high shimmer finish and the texture is slightly crumbly on application. The shimmer does travel slightly on the skin also. The colours however are like shimmering jewels and would look amazing on a deeper skin tone on a hot summers evening.

The Bao Bao's Jewels collection palette is £33.00.
 There are three nail colours in this collection in a metallic royal blue, spring green and a bronzed plum. We don't have them to show you I'm afraid.

There are four lipsticks in the collection. We have two of the brightest shades in Burmees kiss and Forbidden Sunrise. Both are matte shades but with a comfortable creamy formula.
 Not shy in the colour department, these are intense neon's. The lipsticks are £17.00 each.

This collection is available now online and exclusive to Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. You can also find these in the MAC Pro store and Free standing Liverpool store. This collection is limited edition.
 I think it will go quickly!



  1. A very daring collection but lovely all the same.
    I picked up the beauty powder and am currently loving it.
    Leanne xx

  2. MAC Beauty Powders make such pretty highlighters, but as you only use so little every time, I have so much left, I can't justify getting another one...


  3. Burmeese Kiss seems very similar to Mac's Party Parrot but maybe a little brighter. I love the colour of Forbidden Sunrise :) the pink undertones in the orange is just genius

  4. Wow she is gorgeous!!!! I love the collection, I never tried the belightful powder but it sounds amazing, I will have to pick this up before it sells out!


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  6. The beauty powder sounds really interesting! Love the lipstick shades too x


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