Friday, 27 March 2015

Yankee Candle Bunny Cake

I know most of us just want chocolate at Easter but this new seasonal candle from Yankee Candle is a nice alternative, especially if you are healthy eating or just dislike chocolate!

Bunny Cake candle is only in the large 22oz glass jar and is £19.99.
 Coloured in a candyfloss pink this is scented with a warming sugary coconut, vanilla and citrus fragrance. Very sweet smelling as you may imagine but with the warming undertones of a baked cake, yummy.
 With around 150 hours burn time you can light it all over Easter and think of all those calories you saved yourself! 


Thursday, 26 March 2015

New L'Oreal Lipsticks

For it's 30th anniversary L'Oreal have launched a bunch of new shades in a rich mixture of satin and matte shades.

We particularly love the shade in 228 and 364. All the shades are bold and creamy and give a longlasting finish. These are all £6.99 each and available now.

To accompany these new shades L'Oreal have launched 9 new colour riche couture lip liners. We have 5 of the shades available. We love the snake skin effect on the pencils.

These pencils are quite hard and not very creamy but they do give you a precise line and last well. The lip liners are £3.99 each.

Another nice touch that L'Oreal have done to celebrate their 30th is to release lipsticks in honour of their celebrity ambassadors.

Seven totally wearable shades which are embossed with their icon's seen worn below

The collection exclusive lipsticks are also available now and are £6.99 each.

All of these products are available from the following locations..


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Suqqu Chiffon Collection

 Japaneese brand Suqqu have launched their typically Spring like collection in pastels and bronze washes of colour.

From Left: #25 Haruhinata, #19 Awafujisukashi, #18 Sakuraori

The three limited edition quads (available now) contain 4 luxurious powdered, pigmented shades.
 The powders in this collection are silicone coated to help blend over textured skin such as fine lines and are infused with amino acid which have skin caring benefits.

Anyone who isn't Japanese will most likely struggle to pronounce the titles of these palettes but luckily they are also numbered!

Number 25-Haruhinata palette all have a shimmer finish and are a mix of bright gold highlighter, apricot, plum/grey and a blue based baby pink. The lighter shades do take a lot of building up to get a good wash of colour.

Number 19-Awafujisukashi contains a pearl finish highlighter which gives a two tone finish of pink and silver, lavender, rich taupe and delicate copper.

 Number 18 Sakuraori has a similar pearl highlighter, warm toned pink, golden bronze and rich rusty copper.

 Zero drop down from these and all the colours weirdly work together. Great for people who don't like strong pigments but favour sheer washes. Because of the silicone pigments these sit well on a more mature skin.

The palettes are not cheap though..£45.00 each and available from

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation

This foundation launched in January but we have only just got our hands on it. 
 Firstly we love the bottle. A manageable size for your makeup bag at 20ml and very attractive ombré bottle.

 We weren't as keen on the applicator wand. It's a teardrop shaped plastic wand which looks nice but is a little scratchy on the skin. You have to use the side of the teardrop to apply the product but because it isn't very big you have to re-dip frequently.

 The actual foundation is a light weight liquid which reminds us of the Armani Maestro foundation
 It feels sheer on the skin, is instantly absorbed and gives a beautiful velvet matte, almost a powder finish.
 Evens out the skin well and has a soft focus effect. Works well on an oily or combination skin which prefers a lightweight cover. A slightly dryer skin may not find this moisturising enough.

Lasts well on the skin and available in 7 shades, all of which would suit a light through to a medium skin tone, nothing much for a deeper skin tone here i'm afraid and the shades we have seen are all yellow based.

 We have three of the shades......


Available now at £8.99 each (although it's on offer at the moment for £5.99 from Boots )

Monday, 23 March 2015

YSL Touche Éclat Blur Perfector

We were expecting this product to launch on the 1st April but it seems it's already hitting the shelves as so many of you have asked us to review it because you have seen it in stores already.

What is it?..
It is a beautiful baby pink and gold compact containing a soft, silicone feeling, translucent balm.
 The purpose of the balm is to blur out imperfections such as pores and give the skin a smoother appearance.
 It's basically like using an Instagram filter on your face but for everyday life!
 The balm is a mixture of solid oil and silicone which evaporate on contact with the skin to give a powdered, silky texture.
 It's targeted at people who want to touch up their skin throughout the day to ensure it has a natural matte finish with a smooth appearance. Basically it's for people who are bored of using a powder but still want the matte finish.

 The compact comes with a small velour sponge for application.
 YSL claim it can be worn on it's own on a makeup free day or on top of foundation as a touch up product.

 What do we think?..
 It feels beautiful to the touch. Soft balmy and instantly absorbed. Doesn't feel greasy as you may expect.
 I tested this on my skin with no foundation on first of all. It felt gorgeous, softened the appearance of pores and gave my skin an even matte veil. Great if you are having a no-makeup day but just want to smooth the skins surface. It doesn't translate as pink on the skin whatsoever.
 I then tested on my skin with a foundation underneath. I applied using the sponge at lunchtime to touch up. I found that even with a gentle patting motion of the sponge it did disturb my makeup underneath a little.
 I felt as though after patting it on I had to just buff a little with a brush to make sure my foundation or concealer was blended back in. I much preferred to apply it using my fingers, softly patting the balm into the areas which I required smoothing and mattifying. The warmth of my fingers also helped to blend the product into my skin.
 It does soften the appearance of the skin and also smoothes the appearance of pores. It performs better on a combination or oily skin (obviously as it's mattifying). On a dry skin it seemed to make the foundation adhere to the dry patches.
 It does make your skin feel like absolute silk though.
£31.50 and available now in stores and online.


Friday, 20 March 2015

NARS All day luminous weightless foundation

We have been waiting to get our hands on this new foundation for a couple of months and finally we have it! Whoopee

 What do NARS say about this foundation?....

Full, natural-looking coverage with unexpectedly weightless, 16-hour wear. Highly pigmented and perfectly balanced, this breakthrough formula builds and blends effortlessly with just one drop.

 What do we think?....

Definitely a full cover, much fuller than the NARS Sheer glow if you have ever used that. You literally need the tiniest amount of this foundation to give a good cover. We recommend to apply small amounts and lightly build it up ensuring you blend well in between layers.
 It does feel weightless on the skin but build this up too much and you are in danger of a caked finish so go easy with the application.
 What we loved about this foundation is the flawless even tone it gives your skin. If you have redness or pigmentation then this is great for evening the skin tone. 
 It contains gold pigments which work to give the luminous finish and green pigments to counteract skin redness. These added pigments really do work. I have a few blotchy red patches from old scarring and when applied with a dense foundation brush I was able to cover well without using a separate concealer.

We tested on a dry skin and a combination skin to get a fair review.

 Dry Skin..

 Nic tried this in a video today and wasn't a huge fan. She liked that it gave a good cover however she felt it clung to her dry areas and after a few hours wear was a little patchy in places. She didn't feel that it was moisturising enough for her and didn't feel that the finish was very luminous. It was almost like her natural dryness absorbed any luminosity like a black hole absorbs light!

Oily Skin..

I tested this (Stacey) and I have an oily T-zone with normal cheeks. I normally go for a sheer to medium cover foundation but found when applied sparingly I could create more of a medium cover that wasn't too heavy for me. It's true that it feels weightless, it doesn't feel restrictive and absorbsed really quickly. It gave my skin a soft silk sheen which looked natural. Not as radiant as Sheer glow.
 I have a few frown lines and found it settled slightly into these. To avoid this either use a good primer or avoid applying it too heavy in these areas. Less is more when it comes to skin texture.
 Worked well on redness but if you have blemish prone skin it will cling slightly to the dry areas of skin around the blemish.
 Didn't pool in my oily areas and didn't move or feel greasy after wearing all day.

 There are 20 shades in this range and thankfully the colours are exactly the same as the colours for NARS Sheer glow. There is one extra colour in this range though which is a very deep shade called Benares.
 If you normally wear Sheer glow then you will find the same shade will work in All day luminous too.

Our overall thoughts are that it will work better for someone who is used to Double Wear or Skin Base coverage and who's skin is more on the combination/oily side. It's not very forgiving on skin texture so if you have deep lines or visible pores then it tends to enhance these rather than reduce them.

No SPF and photographs nicely.

This is £32.00 for a 30ml glass bottle and has a pump to distribute the product. I wish NARS didn't have the rubber lid though, it gets covered and stained instantly making the bottle look grubby.

Available from SpaceNK  

Thursday, 19 March 2015

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss

Can anyone remember the lip lacquer from MAC which was discontinued years ago. I always loved the texture and vibrancy of those and always got asked for them years after they were axed.
 These new Plexi-gloss from Makeup Forever are a are a really similar texture and intense pay-off.

 There are a whopping 35 shades in this new launch. We have 13 of the colours to show you.

 These glosses are inspired from plexi glass which is a vinyl, high shine finish material. The glosses contain micro beads which have a mirrored finish and a strong pigmented colour.

The appilcator wand has a unique shape. A generic foam textured paddle but with a slit at one side and a rounded end.
 The round tip allows the wand to fit the shape of the cupids bow and the slit allows the wand to flex at the end whilst the base of the wand remains firm.

 They have a thick texture which helps with longevity. With such a glossy finish you can expect that they are also very sticky.

These are available now and are £16.95 each..

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Pixiwoo N.P.U

It's that time of the month again when we bring you our bi-monthly round up of what's new.
 Take a look at our tutorial and if you want to see more in depth swatches you should take a look at our other blog posts as we often show the products individually here.

Have you spotted any new products? Share your favourite new launches in the comments below.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Clinique Pop Lip

 There are a lot of lipstick launches lately. Apart from the shade variety it's hard to figure out what makes one particular launch different from the next.
 Clinique have listened to their customers requirements for longevity in their lipsticks and created a lipstick and primer in one. 

 Sixteen new shades which are formulated with Shea and murumuru butter to give them a balm like texture.
 The added primer ingredient helps to give a velvet finish that doesn't feel drying on the lips.

Colours are a mix of nudes, tawny, pinks and violets so there should be a shade to suit all.
 The colours are intense and bold and all have a soft sheen finish with great lasting ability.

 Delicious shades which we enjoyed layering on top of each other to create unique colours.
 These new shades of lipsticks are £16.00 each and available exclusively at Boots counters from 27th March and are launched nationwide at all Clinique counters and online from April 17th 2015.

Which shades will you be wearing?


Monday, 16 March 2015

Grunge Makeup tutorial

It's always Sam who does this type of makeup so I thought it would be interesting to see if I could create a messy, slept in grunge look. It's hard to know when to stop blending sometimes isn't it!?

 Check out my Grunge makeup tutorial below and let me know what you think.


Friday, 13 March 2015

Smashbox Double Exposure

We had the full exposure palette from Smashbox a while back (read about it here: )

Now there is the new double exposure palette...

The colours in this palette are a mix of plums, warm brown, black and a few lighter apricot toned highlighters.
 What makes this palette a bit special is that the 12 shades can all be used wet and transform into a more metallic or deeper version of it's self.

Obviously most powder eye shadows can be used wet to alter the depth or finish of the tone but you may find if you put water directly into the powder then they get a seal over them or the texture goes a bit weird!
 The shadows are formulated not to glaze over and will dry off exactly the same so you may still use them dry again.

The finish of these are a mix of shimmer and matte shades. When used wet the shimmer shades turn to a more metallic finish and the matte shades get deeper in tone.

Here's how they look dry....

The shades translate a little warmer onto the skin than they look in the palette. The second from last colour above looks lilac in the palette but is more of a rust on the skin when built up.

Here's how they look when wet....

I didn't think the lighter shades were affected too much apart from the silver shade in the centre. The bottom row of colours became more inky, sludgy and darker.

 Once the colours dried off again in the palette they were back to their original formula and could be used dry again. The dark plum (2nd colour in on the bottom) did go quite crumbly in the palette after being used wet though.

There is a dual ended brush in the palette. One end is angled and good for blending. The other end is short and compact and good to build colour when used wet.

Initially I didn't think these blended that well but after layering the shade up it worked much better and gave a more seamless finish.
 When used wet it takes a little more work, use a small amount of water and build it up.

This palette is available now and is £37.00 from


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

Rimmel have just re-launched their lasting cover foundation  with added comfort serum.
 This foundation gives you a medium to full coverage producing a good flawless finish.
 I have tried the lasting foundation without the serum and found this to be quite a drying texture but this foundation with the added serum makes all the difference. The serum makes it feel more fluid and less chalky.

If your skin is dry I don't think this foundation is for you. The texture dries off quickly and leaves skin quite flat and matte. If your skin is combination or oily then it sits much nicer on the skin. It does help mattify the skin and gives it an even texture. I did feel like I needed to put a bit of radiance back into my skin with a highlighter where I wanted the sheen.
 This foundation did tend to settle into fine lines also so if you have texture to the skin then use less in these areas.
 I got the best results with this foundation when I spritzed a facial mist over the face first so the skin was damp and then buffed the foundation in with our Expert Face Brush.
 Available in seven shades, all which are on the light side really so no good if you have a medium to darker skin tone unfortunately.
 Overall a good everyday foundation for a quick, full cover that lasts well on an oily skin type.
 This is £7.99 and available from

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ciaté Ice Cream Collection

Here is a bit of fun for the spring! New Ice Cream effect nail kit from Ciaté.
 Ciaté are the kings of nail art and always have something on trend to inspire your nail creativity.

I'm not a fan of jewelled nails or pieces which stick out from the nail bed. They look good but I always catch them on my clothes or tights which then ruins both my nails and my outfit!
 The new ice cream collection is super easy to do and really effective.

The kit compromises of five mini pastel nail colours and sheets of ice cream topping sauce effects in multi colours.

Paint your nails in the colour or colours of your choice. Two coats is needed for a good coverage.

Once your nails are dry select your topping and apply to the nail. You will need to trim off the excess with nail scissors and then file down the edges.

Please excuse my dry hands and nails! It's still so cold here in the UK!!
 These nails are making me excited for Summer. I just wish there were more stickers in the kit so I can re create more often. I'm sure it would be easy for you arty people out there to recreate just with a nail art tool though. The stickers just make life a bit easier, you can spend the extra time you have actually eating an ice cream!
 These stickers only ever really look good for a day I think. By the next morning the nail varnish was still fresh but the stickers had started to curl a little at the very edges. Great for a one off special occasion though.

Available from March for £22.00

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Clinique Kiss the Bride

I wish I could insert a wedding bells soundtrack throughout this blog! How sweet are these new limited edition lipsticks from Clinique!
 Obviously targeted towards new brides (clever Clinique) but we don't need to have a partner to purchase these!

 There are three shades in the collection all in the long lasting, soft shine finish.

Having done a lot of bridal makeup over the years I think these shades are really great tones. More often than not my brides have gone for soft washes of colour rather than a punchy vibrant shade.

Not only would these lipsticks be a great choice for brides but a really gorgeous gift for a bride you know. The names are adorable...

"Will you", "I do" and "Honeymoon". Even if your bride doesn't wear it on the day it's a lovely keepsake of her big day we think.

We only have two of the three shades unfortunately...

Left: "I Do" Right: "Will You"

 The shade in I do is a soft rose berry with a very delicate, fine silver pearl fleck. This gives the lips a gorgeous plum tone without too much depth.

I Do


The shade in Will you is a similar tone but with much more of a pink base. It also has a super fine, gold light reflective fleck running through it. The gold makes this a more warmer tone to opt for.

Will You

The shade we don't have is called Honeymoon and is a soft fleshy nude.

 All colours have a soft moisturised sheen. I found when used with a lip liner, blotted and then another layer applied the longevity was good. It will get you through the aisle walking and line up kisses anyway!

The only downside to these lipsticks is that they are online exclusive. If I know anything about brides it's that they want to try lipsticks on, photograph them to check the payoff, ask their friends and mum what they think and then purchase! Difficult when buying online but at least our swatches should help a little. All three shades are limited edition.

* Just been informed by Clinique these are actually now available to purchase in store at John Lewis if you prefer to try them on.

 These shades are available online now for £17.50 each from
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