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Feminine hygiene products have always had a certain stigma attached to them. The sort of products you loiter around for five minutes pretending to look at the shelf above. At the very moment you select one from the shelf you can bet your life you will bump into someone you know!! Maybe this is just a British embarrassment!
 You can worry no more! New brand Sass have launched a range of intimate care products for woman. These products look so much like regular skin care that Sam actually came into the office today and started massaging the moisturiser all over her face before I explained to her what it was!

The products arrived in a very glam box.

The only way you can tell where they are for is the small 'Intimate' printed on the box.

Everyday soaps and shower gels can disrupt the natural PH balance of your most delicate area. Sass offers you a huge range of intimate care products which will not irritate or alter the PH. The ingredients help promote good bacteria whilst neutralising any unwanted odours.
 All of these products are safe to use during menstruation and pregnancy.

What are the products.. 

Intimate Purifying Cleanser-£7.00
 Think of this as the replacement for your normal shower gel. Can be used daily in the shower or bath and rinsed off as normally.
 This soothes and calms if you have any razor burn or sensitivity to waxing.

Soothe and Smooth Shave Gel-£10.00
No more stealing your partners shaving gel or using a harsh shower gel. This squeezy clear gel is purposely designed for use in the intimate area although you could also use it under your arms. It is water based and contains salicylic acid and fruit enzymes to delicately exfoliate and prevent ingrowing hairs. Aloe, and orange extract calm and soothe the skin during shaving.

Perfect Skin Concentrate-£12.00
Initially I was a little confused as to why I would need this. This is good for those of you who wax your bikini line. It has the same exfoliating ingredients as the soothe and shave however it also contains an ingredient called Kelisoft which helps to prevent hair regrowth.
 This lightweight moisturiser should be applied after waxing or shaving to reduce razor burn and to prevent the skin from becoming dry or itchy.

Sass have other products in their line up so if you have specific needs then check out what else they have to offer.
 I think it's great that these products are packaged the way they are, making it less of a taboo or embarrassment for ladies to purchase.

Sass is launched on the 9th March 2015 and will be available from or



  1. What a good idea to make it a little more discreet for us ladies to buy feminine products and it has such a good brand name too! X

  2. Definitely interested in the shave gel and cream - regular products can irritate down there I've noticed and anything that will make hair grow slower...I need!!

    Kat |

  3. We are super prudish in this country about care 'down there'! On the continent there are always a whole host of intimate hygiene washes and care lotions available. Plus bidets. Bidets are a very good thing!


  4. What a nice looking collection! I would definitely try some of these out. xx

  5. The British are so cautious about 'intimate' care and problems - less discretion and more openness about this area could possibly prevent lots of health problems!

  6. I really like these type of products I'll check them out

  7. I'm actually very excited to try some of the products out!

  8. Such a nice idea, love the packaging! x

  9. Thank you :D I finally have the answers to the questions I have been to afraid to ask like what do people recommend for sorting out the depth below, this seems like a great basket.


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