Tuesday, 10 February 2015

OK Bouquet for Valentines

We were recently sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers from OK Bouquet. There is something so exciting about receiving flowers in the post! We thought we would share just in time for Valentines.
 OK Bouquet is a new online bouquet service which create natural, informal looking bouquets from seasonal flowers.
 OK Bouquet has been trading from street stalls for years but with a decline in street footfall they wanted to bring the fresh market stall flowers to the online market.

The bouquet arrived in a huge cardboard box. The flowers are held into a well in the box which contains water to keep the flowers from wilting.

The box protects the flowers really well and made it easy for me to carry these from work to the car. It is quite a lot of cardboard to dispose of afterwards though.

The quality of the flowers were exceptional. All of the flowers were fresh and still had days until they would develop into their full potential. No leaf damage or wilting whatsoever.
 The scent coming from these filled the whole room and made my living room feel much more Spring like!

The bouquet we had was called "Charlotte bouquet". It is available in two sizes of large (£45.00) or deluxe (£60.00).
 This bouquet is beautifully made up from lilies, Armando roses, pink avalanche roses and eucalyptus. The eucalyptus smells particularly amazing!

This bouquet did not disappoint. The only problem was it was too big to fit into any vase I had! I split it into three and placed it around the house so I could enjoy it in multiple rooms.

Ok bouquet have a variety of bouquet options all within the £45-£60 price bracket. 
 Maybe you could drop some hints for this Valentines!
 Ok Bouquet offer next day delivery if ordered before 12pm.  

  • I must add that I wrote this blog two weeks ago and I still have these flowers in my window looking beautiful.

Check out the options here..http://www.okbouquet.com



  1. So pretty! Great to know that they lasted two weeks as well!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. So pretty! I think there is definitely something in receiving blooms through the door <3

    Vanessa xx


  3. They are so pretty, I love having flowers to brighten up the house!


  4. So pretty :)

  5. So pretty! And I love how regularly you guys post :)

    Anyone like to follow eachother? Happy to see you all in my blog! :)


  6. Very cute! Love all the lilies in there!


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