Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Lipstick Queen Lipsticks

Lipstick Queen have been around for some twenty years so you may have seen these before. They were created by lipstick fan Poppy King (I like the play on words) who could never find the perfect shade in her native Australia. She launched this range of lipsticks which would cater for all preferred textures and finish.

We have a total mix of shades and textures that we are enjoying at the moment....

  • Ice Queen
This won't give you an inter-galactic looking lip! A soft pearl will coat the lips and give them a natural light reflecting finish without the high gloss finish.
  • Hot Rose Sinner
 This one is B-E-A-Utiful! High impact, full on fuchsia lips. Glides over with a soft moisturised sheen. Has a very fine golden pearl fleck to it which warms it a little. Part of the sinner collection which has pure colour pigment.

  • Red Sinner
 A vibrant, opaque finish red which has a slightly pink (cherry) undertone. The sinner collection has zero shimmer but a soft sheen.

  • Hello Sailor
Okay so this may not be a shade you immediately are drawn to but give it a chance. It's actually a transparent blackberry rather than navy blue as you may think. Great if you fancy a plum but don't want anything to bold. The blue under tones also help your teeth to appear whiter!

  • Pinky Nude Sinner
Another sinner collection lipstick which has the perfect combination of peach and pink. Low sheen and super moisturising.

  • Jungle Queen
This shade has me dreaming of hot beaches and humid rain forests! It's the perfect mix of burnt orange and warm red. A definite winner for this Spring/Summer.

  • Saint Peach Nude
 Creamy textured nude beige. Great for the 70's look everyone seems to be rocking at the moment.

  • Saint Red
A barely there red which is infused with so much moisture it literally tints the lips a sheer red.

  • Medieval
Same transparent cover as Saint Red but in a deeper, plum red.

These lipsticks range from £22.00-£28.00 and are available from SpaceNK



  1. I've always seen these in stores! They have such lovely packaging and colours!

  2. Medieval is one of my favorite makeup items of all time!

  3. All those shades are so pretty!!!! I need to find a store that sells them!!!!


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