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Lancome Miracle Cushion

Having worked in beauty retail for a large part of my career I understand how complicated products can seem to consumers. I have spent many an hour explaining the difference between ten different foundations to my customers for them to give up trying to understand and let me just pick one for them. It can be a total minefield (and also intimidating) walking into a department store and simply having no idea what to go for.
 This new launch from Lancome initially to me is a little confusing.

Lancome say this is not a foundation, nor is it a's a cushion!
I understand brands have to come up with innovative products that seem to offer you something you've never experienced but if we are all being honest's a sponge saturated with foundation ...and a very nice one too so stop confusing us all Lancome!

So what's it all about?...

The "cushion" comes in a 14g compact. There is a large mirrored lid inside along with a disc pad for application.

 Under another plastic, sealed lid is the product.

 The cushion is a sponge textured flexible block. The sponge has hundreds of tiny air holes which contain the airy liquid foundation. 
 The product feels refreshingly cool to the touch and is very lightweight and fluid.

Shade 02

 Use the sponge delicately on the cushion and sweep over the face for a sheer veil of colour. It feels very wet initially but quickly dries off to a sheer velvet finish. It can be built up by pressing the application pad into the product more firmly to transfer more foundation onto it. The cover never really builds up too much. The most you can achieve is a natural medium finish.
 I expected this to look much more radiant than it did. It looked beautifully natural and more of a velvet finish than a dewy finish.It gives your skin an almost soft focus finish.
 This would be suitable on all skin types from oily through to dry.
  Great for spring/summer when you just want something natural. It feels very cool on the skin so nice for a hot day. It has an SPF 23 to protect but with no flashback. 
 Ensure you keep this closed tightly though as it wouldn't take much for it to dry out.
 Great choice for holidays, bridal makeup or for those who don't love the feel of a "normal" foundation.
 Available in six different shades which range from a fair (equivalent to teint miracle 01) to a very dark (equivalent to teint miracle 11, 12 and 13).
 Overall a beautiful foundation (cushion) and every time I have worn this I have been complimented on how great my skin looks.
This is available from February and is £29.50. 



  1. This looks really interesting, great if you were doing your makeup on the go

  2. This is such weird product, but very intriguing! May just have to try this one out x

  3. Thank you for the review! But what about the hygiene aspect? From what I see it can get really gross with time. Also if you have spots and keep dipping the sponge into the product and reapplying surely all the germs get into the foundation?

    1. Totally, if you have problematic skin I wouldn't use the sponge, use a stippling brush instead.x

    2. Actually Suwasoo (they have the similar product) recommend me to actually wash the sponge at least once a week for hygiene. The way to wash is very much like beauty blender or normal brush...

  4. That's an interesting product! Must be a mix of foundation and compact, right?!

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  6. Cushions have been around for a while in Korea and it seems thats where Lisa Eldridge got her inspo. I personally can't wait to try it!

  7. Very intrigued... Might give it a go!

  8. Hellooo, haven't you been watching Lisa Eldridge' video's? She is the new heavyweight at Lancome and just came back from Korea with a suitcase full of 'cushion' products! Elementary Mr. Watson! :)

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    2. Hellooo you're not the first to discover this :)

  9. Korea definitely started the cushion trend and i own quite a few. You guys should check out some korean brand bb cushions they are amazing especially the laneige one.

  10. Lancome is selling half the amount of product (0.5 ounces for this, versus 1 oz for their bottled foundations) for the same price (£29.50 or $44.90 USD). I think as a novelty this is fine, but it's too expensive for the amount of product otherwise.

  11. Looks interesting .. I can see 'cushions' being a big trend for most products this year! (:

  12. Love the sound of these, think Korea really nail the whole 'naturally flawless' thing when it comes to bases! Interested to see how the UK market takes to these though they are a bit different.

  13. I've never seen anything like this before! Definitely want to have a look at it in stores to have a closer look. Thanks for the review! x

    Georgia |

  14. Air cushion foundations and bb cushions are an absolute revelation in makeup. I have been using them for the past year, all from Korea. If you want to look more into them search brands such as iope, hera, innisfree and etude house. This is where air cushion started! I highly recommend hera! I'm so excited to try this, first one to come to the uk with a bigger range of shades! Only disappointed with the SPF as all the ones I currently use are 50+++

  15. BB Cushions are revolutionary!
    Korea has so many and I've been using them, they are brilliant!
    I will have to try out this one, thank you for sharing it with us!


  16. This sounds fab, I have heard of cushions but not read much about them, I was worried they would have a really wet dewy finish, but this sounds perfect! Velvet finishes are my favourite and SPF with no flash back is always great for a fair tone like mine. I loved my last Lancome foundation so I think I will definitely have to try this on my next passing :)

  17. This looks so interesting and unique!

  18. I have dry skin and must say that it's not really suitable for people with dry. The foundation has a tendency to settle in fine lines and accentuates wrinkles. And next to Korean cushions, this one looks pretty sad, to be honest.
    Regarding L E, I think she went to Korea, because she was going to accept this Lancome job and had to check out the new cushion trends in person. This cushion had been in the works for quite some time. L E did not "inspire" it. If anything, this job "inspired" her trip to Korea to schmooze with the manufacturing people there, because that's where this cushion was made - in Korea.

  19. It's interesting to see Western brands tackle the 'cushion' concept :)

    The concept started in South Korea, as many have pointed out. I remember when I lived there, back in 2013, and the whole thing was just taking off. Now it's probably the most popular base product there! The trends, however, are ever-changing in Korea, so I'm always waiting to see the 'next best thing' they come up with. Like the regular BB/CC creams that used to be 'all that jazz' couple years back, now are pretty much just your regular everyday thing.

    One thing that I see, both with past BB cream fails and your review of the Lancome cushion, is that somehow Western brands are simply unable to replicate the formula of Korean products. Perhaps its the lack of knowledge and in-depth research about what actually makes those products good, not sure, but it's just upsetting.

    The whole concept, which is strange not to be explained by Lancome (as it is novelty), actually comes from stamps. As you might know, in China, Japan and South Korea people use stamps instead of a signature (because they have different alphabets, which do not really have the possibility of a signature as we know it). South Korean beauty market is very innovative and technologically advanced, so they took the idea of an ink-saturated cushion and transferred it to foundation/BB cream.
    The idea is that you use the special sponge (usually has a navy colored, thicker side for application that feels kind of rubbery) to press into the cushion, as you would a stamp into the inked pad, and then 'stamp' it on your face - pat it, instead of using a sweeping motion. It should then create a flawless 'air-brushed' finish. Also, you are not supposed to set it with powder, as a matter of fact, some of the 'cushion' formulas don't really do well with powder (there can be visible patchiness and pilling).

    In South Korea every makeup brand has their own cushion, and the prices, naturally, vary. Lancome seems to be priced at the department-store brand level with it's Korean counterparts.

    From my experience as well as my friends, and many reviews, in Korea the cushions from these brands are considered 'the best' - HERA, IOPE, Laneige and Innisfree. Each cushion, however, targets slightly different skin types. Some of the brands have just made a BB or CC cream cushions, some, however, have special formula of foundation/BB/CC that only exists in cushion form. It provides both the coverage from foundation as well as the dewiness and 'brightness' from BB/CC creams.
    HERA UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture, for example, is considered 'the No.1' out of all. It is geared towards drier skin types that do not need that much oil control and instead need to 'lock' in the moisture. Laneige and Innisfree, on the other hand, are aimed towards oilier skin, since they provide more oil control (but can be drying). However, regardless of the formula, most of the cushions promise dewiness and brightened complexion.

    My advice to those who want to try cushion makeup (as well as you wonderful people at Pixiwoo) is to try the Korean version - it would at least provide some sort of ground for comparison and idea of how it 'should' be. The price range varies from somewhere around 18$ to 45-50$ depending on the brand (Etude House, Innisfree, Nature Republic are on the lower end and HERA, IOPE, Laneige are on the higher end), but I do have to point out that at least the Korean cushions come with a free refill, so it's kind of like buying a 2for1 deal!

    Sorry for the lengthy post, just wanted to provide some information :) (and sorry if this repeats, blogger has been very dodgy lately).


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