Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint

Some products arrive in our office and we instantly know they are going to be a hit. I don't know if it's just because we are more excited about them so our passion rubs off on you guys!
 Armani is one of those brands which just excel in everything!
 We are yet to find a makeup product from them that we haven't loved. 
 I know the price tag can be a little off putting but if you are already a consumer of the more luxury end of makeup brands then these are not too much more. 

Check out these babies......

Opening this box was like opening a treasure chest on a desert island. All that was missing was a ray of gold light streaming out of the box.
 They are not sold in the box like this unfortunately, each shade is sold individually.

What are they?
 These are cream eye tints. The applicator is a sponge wand style pad. The applicator pad is slightly angled so it rests neatly onto the eye lid.

  The cream colour easily transfers onto the eye lid and the fine tip of the wand makes it easy to get close to the lashes.
 The colours are a mixture of shimmering and matte finish. The darker colours tend to be the matte shades.
 These dry seriously quickly so you need to work fast. Once they dry they will NOT budge. They are so long lasting it's crazy!
 Colours can be mixed and layered so just apply one, blend it and leave it to dry before blending in your next shade. You can obviously wear them and blend them with other brands and products too.
 The lighter colours give beautiful silky colour washes and the bold darker colours are perfect for an intense smokey eye or as a base.
 I recommend applying and then using a fluffy brush to blend out. 
 The colour is buildable and as the lighter colours are quite sheer you may want to layer these up a little more.

From Left: 1 Obsidian, 2 Minuit, 3 Jade, 4 Emeraude, 5 Onyx, 6 Green Iron
From Left: 7 Shadow, 8 Flannel, 9 Cold Copper,10  Senso, 11 Rose Ashes, 12 Gold Ashes

This product would be perfect for those with oily eye lids who find nothing stays put. Great for when you want a quick wash of colour which will not need touching up all day.
 Remove these gently with an oily eye makeup remover.

Available in twelve shades, Giorgio Armani Eye tints launch 1st March and are £26.50 each.



  1. They look beautiful, I might have to invest in some!!


  2. Absolutely amazing! I need at least one!

  3. What a glorious set! So pigmented and beautiful! xo

  4. These look amazing, and there is so many, I envy you guys!

    Meme xx

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  5. Oh my goodness, these sound and look incredible! Very jealous!!

    Zoe Newlove Beauty Blogger & MUA

  6. Love the colours they look amazing and theirs loads of them x

  7. Great♥

  8. I've been loving seeing these!

  9. These look absolutely incredible! I love the emerald and navy colours!

  10. Love those colors! Could you do some tutorial on this, or some improvised look? <3

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