Friday, 6 February 2015

Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos

Obviously Beyonce looks phenomenal in whatever she adorns on her body but recently we have seen her flashing some golden temporary tattoos.

Temporary tattoos look set to be a big trend this Summer and I guarantee here in the UK we will be applying these ready for festival season.

From a delicate golden upper arm chain or a mosaic on the shoulder there is something for everyone to get involved with and the best thing is you can just remove it once you're over it!

We took a look at a new UK brand called Bohemian Jewellery tattoos.
There are twelve different packets of tattoos to choose from. Each contain four sheets of various tattoos in different sizes and designs.

 We took a look at three of the options.....

The Martha selection features peacock feathers, chevron designs and chains all in black, gold and silver metallics.

Martha Set

Martha Set

Zenia set features more tribal patterns, arrows and mosaic style diamonds all in the metallic gold, silver and black.

Zenia Set
Zenia Set

  The set called Nahla is a little different as it features designs with turquoise and blue.
 Feathers, palms and chains make up this set.

Nahla Set
Nahla Set

Really simple to apply. Select your design and cut out. Remove the transparent film and press the tattoo firmly down on dry skin. Press a wet cloth over the tattoo for around thirty seconds and gently peel off the backing paper.
 Ensure you give the tattoo a good 10 minutes before you start twisting or moving the skin too much.
 To remove you can use any oil based makeup remover or rubbing alcohol.
 Designs come in a slimline card wallet so you can pop unused designs safely away until next time.
 Each design is waterproof so you can shower but just be delicate with the area. You can get four days wear from these.

  Get hold of these designs from  they are £16.95 each.

What do you think about this type of adornment? Is it something you will be wearing this Summer?



  1. I have seen a few bits about these before. I like the idea of them, but I’m not 100% sure they are something I would buy.

  2. They look gorgeous! We are totally in love with them and added them to our favourite staff picks ♥♥♥

  3. I love them, totally something I would buy!

    i've just started a weight loss and lifestyle blog and would love it if some of you could take a look.


  4. The top two sets are defiantly something I would try, there so pretty! And with a tan would look gorgeous!

  5. Never seen these before, they're really nice.
    Need my bikini body back for these though ahaha

    Meme xx

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    'Superdrug Haul'

  6. Seen these everywhere I think they would be good when your out on the beach or in the summer

  7. I love them for summer!

  8. cute, I'll definitely be ordering some of these before I go on holiday :) ♥


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