Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Can you believe it..another new mascara! What's the deal with this one then?

Roller Lash is the new launch from Benefit.
 I find the packaging texturally satisfying! It's lid is rubber coated to give the illusion of a curling roller.

Plastic wands are honestly not my preferred type of wand but if it's the type you like then read on..

The brush is softly curved and is covered in bristles in varying sizes. On the inside of the curve the bristles are short and on the outer edge of the curve the bristles are longer. 

 The bristles themselves are actually a little different.
 They in fact have tiny hooks at the base which look like a little fin.

The idea is to catch the hairs under the hook to enhance curl and lift. It contains a curve setting formula to hold the curl for 12 hours.

 What did I think?

The brush is really slim so it's easy to get right to the base of the lashes and pull up. The curve of the brush provides you a great shape to catch all of the lashes and lift them at the edges also.
 I'm not too sure the hooks made a whole lot of difference. I did loose two lashes on my right eye on initial application but that could have just been a coincidence. You can't actually feel the hooks at all and they don't feel like they catch and pull.
 I turned the brush and used the longest bristles to separate the lashes at the ends.
  It's a nice size brush to use on the bottom lashes also.
The final look gave nice separation and volume. It is easy to build the cover if you prefer a more dramatic look. The colour is obviously black but it's not a real jet black payoff. More of a charcoal/black.

Would I buy it again? Yes I would. I don't think it's any different to any other good mascaras that I have tried, but I did really like this mascara.

 This mascara is £19.50 and available from

Have you tried this mascara? Let us know what you think.


  1. Lovely mascara - I liked it a lot. Slight transfer towards the end of the day thanks to my oil slick lids.

  2. The brush looks really similar (minus the hooks) to the new Maybelline Lash Sensational

  3. Hiya! How does it compare to their 'They're Real' mascara?

    1. Not as dramatic. It is easier to get off though that T.R

  4. It is ok, but I prefer they're real mascara :)

  5. Not heard that positive reviews about this so I wouldn't bother spending £19 on this!

    Meme xx

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    '100 Questions With Meme//Tag'

  6. I am addicted to most things Benefit but when it comes to mascara, I can't get over Rimmel. MAY give this a go though. Just because y'all said it and I respect you.

  7. Looks interesting.

  8. I'd like to try this as I'm looking for a new mascara! X

  9. That´s interesting!
    I like how Benefit goes down the "scientific" and technical way of designing new products. I love innovative technologies that really do make a difference like micellar water or stuff.
    Hugs n kisses
    Isa from My Makeup Addiction Confession

  10. I tried it a few times and although it curled, lengthened, separated, it also smudged like crazy on me. Sigh. *the hunt continues*

  11. This looks pretty good, really like the packaging and the whole concept behind it!

    Cass | CassandraMyee


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