Friday, 20 February 2015

Amazing Concealer

We have heard a lot of buzz around the Amazing Concealer. It's been around for quite a while and finally we have our hands on some to give our opinions.

 It claims on the box to be the world's best concealer, that's quite a statement!
 For the worlds best concealer the packaging is quite uninspiring. But I guess it's not the packaging that counts hey!

The actual product itself comes in a tiny 6ml tube or a 15ml tube. You may think this will not last you long but you need the most tiniest amount of this product.

Available in ten shades....

 This concealer is for people who like a heavy coverage. It's not a natural, barely there product. This is a serious concealer. It gives you the effect of having used a face tune filter all over!
It's a liquid/cream texture. The best way to use this is to apply a tiny amount and buff into the skin with a fluffy or duo fibre brush. If you need more then build it and blend between layers.

It's a good product for people with flat scarring, pigmentation, uneven skin tone or blemishes (so long as the blemishes do not have dry skin).
 You can use it around the eye and it will most definitely cover dark circles but we found it to be a little too heavy to use in this area. It creases and settles in any texture or fine lines.
It is good for someone who likes to use concealer to contour with or for male makeup and drag.

What we don't like about it...

The first three ingredients are mineral oil, talc and lanolin.
 I wouldn't use this if you have blemish prone skin or sensitive skin. 
 Mineral oil sits on the skin so you can understand a little why it would be used but it's not the best ingredient for the skin. The Lanolin will also help the product blend but tends to be an allergen for lots of people.
If you are susceptible to milia (milk spots) around the eye area then the mineral oil in this will not help at all.

I can understand why a lot of makeup artists love this concealer. It would be great to use on a shoot to get a flawless finish, it photographs well and minimum effort gets a maximum result.Used sparingly you can get a good result but take your time applying it and blend as you go.

It dries off to a matte finish pretty quickly so you need to work relatively fast with it. Because of the matte finish and it's waterproof finish it would cover areas on the body such as scarring, tattoos or birth marks well.

The colours come up a little darker than you would think so go lighter than you may normally wear.

It's not cheap, it's £19.50 for the 6ml tube or £29.50 for larger 15ml tube. It's sold in selected Marks and Spencer stores if you want to test before you purchase.
 You can also purchase online from

Have you tried this? What did you think of the results?



  1. I've heard great things about this concealer but i would definatly want to try this first as it sounds like an acquired taste..

  2. Hi Ladies! I was so excited about this review until you stated it was not good for milk spots. I'm a newer makeup artist and I've been trying to help my mom who has them. We're lighter skinned Native Americans at a medium, beige skintone and most foundations and concealers we've tried have to much of an orange pigment which then cause a different attraction. Lol!! Would you please do a blog or tutorial on how to blend milk spots? It would help us both.
    Thanks you I think your both amazing artist and watch your stuff as soon as you put it out. Thanks for the knowledge you share.

  3. I use fair..this post is dead on. Tried under eyes..creases.. VERY thick product.

  4. This is my favorite concealer for my really dark under eye circles (genetics and allergies). But you just need a tiny amount, about the size of a pin head, for both eyes. I use Lancome Effacernes on my undereyes and then use a tiny amount on the darkest parts of the circles using the Amazing Cosmetics concealer brush. This works really well for me and I don't have any creasing, etc.

  5. Hmmm... I'm a sucker for anything full coverage as my skin is not the greatest, but not sure the ingredients in this would do me any favours. Thanks for the informative review! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  6. I have been thinking of getting this as I have roseacea... But sounds on reading this as if the product will irritate my already pink cheeks! X


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