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Makeup For Ever Step 1 Primers

Makeup Forever primers are always in our kit. We were recently sent MUFE range of new primers (available now) so we were keen to see if these performed as well as their previous primers.  

Available in 10 formula's to suit your skin's needs.

There really is something for everyone in the line up.
The carton and tube are colour coded to give you an indication into the colour of the product.

Number 1-Mattifying Primer

This is the primer for a combination to oily skin or for people who just generally find their makeup has slid off their face by lunchtime.
 A transparent gel textured primer which instantly absorbs and leaves a velvet finish.Skin feels instantly matte and foundation ready.
 Does it work? Yes my skin felt really matte and it made foundation application really easy without any greasy finish.

Number 2- Smoothing Primer

This primer is good for people with fine lines or texture to their skin (dry patches, blemished skin). Slightly tinted in a flesh tone colour but blends away to zero colour. Because it is slightly tinted it would blend in with all tones of fair skin but may come up a little ashy on a deeper skin tone.
 Similar texture to the mattifying primer with a satin finish. It's not going to mask wrinkles but if you have dehydration lines or fine lines it will help to fill these and create a more seamless finish.

 Number 3- Hydrating Primer

Water based primer that feels light and fluid. Contains Hyaluronate which holds water and acts like a moisture magnet on the skin. It helps to give a more plumper, hydrated finish to the skin. It also helps to keep skin moisturised even after hours of wearing your foundation.

Number 4- Nourishing Primer

Similar texture to the hydrating primer in texture buy with slightly different ingredients. Still water based but a little richer.Better for a more devitalised skin that needs a bit of an oomph. Does contain Shea Butter so may be a little rich for an oily or combination skin.

Number 5- Redness Correcting

Pale green colour correcting primer which will ease off a red undertone or angry looking skin. Contains a specialist pigment called Spectraflex. These boost skin radiance and even the skin tone. Contains Titanium Dioxide  so will bounce the light off of the skin. Only use a small amount and buff softly over the skin before applying foundation.

Number 6- Radiant Primer- Pink

This primer will draw light to the face and reflect it to create a fresh, radiance to the skin. The cool pink tone evens out the skin tone and reduces a sallow or dull skin. Feels moisturising but still absorbs quickly.

Number 7- Radiant Primer- Light Blue

  Will have the same effect as the No6 primer although it's tinted blue. The blue is good over a a fair toned/red skin. It will give it clarity and freshness. Don't worry you won't look like a smurf. It's a really natural tint, just don't go crazy with it.

Number 8-Radiant Primer- Peach

Same finish as the other radiant primers but with a soft peach under tone. The peach will lift a grey or dull skin. Particularly good if you suffer dark circles as it will help to correct the colour.

Number 9- Radiant Primer- Yellow

The yellow tint to this radiant primer will help your skin tone blend better when you have more of a tan. It gives a slightly golden radiance and looks nice even worn on its own when you have a sunkissed skin.

Number 10- Radiant Primer- Caramel

The Caramel primer helps to give radiance to a darker skin tone or if you have a deep tan in the summer. It is quite an orange base so wouldn't be really suitable for a more red based darker skin.

Apply the primer after your skin care but before your foundation. 
 Each tube is a large 30ml and they are £26.95 each.
 The tip is a long nozzle type applicator, similar to when you ice a cake. It's nice because it squeezes the product out smoothly and thinly with precision but it is annoying having to twist the cap on for ages because it's so long!

 You can get these from http://www.preciousaboutmakeup.com



  1. That blue primer sounds intriguing and off-putting at the same time!

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. These sound really interesting, I'd love to try them out!


  3. I would love to try that blue primer!!!!

  4. Omg so many primers! That do all different things, didn't even know you could get so many!


  5. I would like to try the matte and the blue one, as I'm pale and have oily skin. Can't wait for MUFE to come to the UK in Debenhams.
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

  6. Beautiful colours! I would love to try that blue primer!
    Love this post!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com - a lifestyle, cooking, fashion blog

  7. Can they be layered? Like the hydrating and the redness reducing? That would be ideal for me.

  8. These sound great! I bet they are perfect to mix and match in one blob for your face needs! Its a shame they are £27 each though! :P
    Elephant stories and more

  9. Hey! Just returned from Fred Meyer in Bellingham Washington with two of your brushes! Ca't wait to try them. Washington State!

  10. OMG I totally want to try the yellow and the peach!!!! I have a problem with dark spots and dark circles and peachy primers in the past have helped.

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

  11. Some of those colours look so scary! Would have to think twice before using them haha!

  12. I love how they've done a whole range of them! x

  13. These sound so amazing & its texture too !!

    I really want it...

    Could you send me pictures of their ingredients list because i had to check first its components please before !!



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