Thursday, 22 January 2015

Lush Valentines limited editions

It's coming up to that time of year again that either fills you with dread or excited anticipation. Valentines! We think we should be kind to our loved ones all year round but if you fancy treating yourself or someone special then these cute products from Lush can't fail to put a smile on your face.
Lush always have seasonal goodies but Valentines does seem like the obvious time of year to get cosy in a warm bath with maybe a few candles scattered about.

1.Cupid's Love soap
I'm not sure if cupid washed his peachy bum with this soap but i'm happy to believe that. Fruit based soap containing passion fruit (obviously), fig and bergamot oil. For me the scent I can smell the most is cinnamon. You can smell the warming undertones of it. £4.25 each.

2.Floating Flower bath bomb
Seriously floral, like almost over powering for me but not unpleasant. Jasmine, cypress and ylang ylang give the fragrance. this bath bomb will fizz up and release a rainbow of colours. £3.50.

3.Heart throb bubbleroon
Crumbly red heart with golden glitter which gives you lots of moisturising bubbles.Packed with essential oils and shea butter. £3.65

4.The kiss Lip scrub
  Buffing lip scrub which won't sting if your lips are already split and sore. Made from caster sugar this tastes yummy (try not to eat it though). Contains edible red hearts, mandarin oil and cocoa butter. £5.50

5. Prince charming shower gel
 Marshmallow root and vanilla pod along with almond oil and cleansing pomegranate gives you a zingy fresh shower gel. Small 100g bottle makes it a great product to slip into your travel wash bag. £4.75

6. Unicorn horn bubble bar
 Sparkly pink bubbles and candy stars scented with neroli and lavender essential oils. £3.25

These are limited edition over the Valentines period.



  1. I'm staying in a hotel for valentine's with my boyfriend and I've already decided I want a couple of these products to add to the romance!

  2. The products are soo adorable

  3. They look so good! Especially that unicorn horn!
    Can't wait to buy!

    Meme xx (Hope to see you around my blog <3)

  4. I picked up the heartthrob bubbleroon today, cant wait to try it! I also so a huge heart shaped bathbomb that was £7 but I wasn't sure a normal sized bath needed such a huge bathbomb...

  5. The unicorn horn bubble bar is calling out to me!

  6. These all look so cute! My local lush didn't have any in last weekend :( Will be looking out for them tomorrow xoxo


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