Tuesday, 6 January 2015


As part of their new collection called Bad Girl (launching January) Kiko have launched these interesting duo cream products.

From left Cream shadow 03, 05 and Blush & Highlighter 01

The cream eye shadow pencils are available in six shades. Each chunky crayon has a split of two complimentary colours. The crayons can be used on their side to get one of the colours or you can use it on its point to get a mixture of the two shades.

The shades are creamy and adhere to the skin easily. The colour does blend but you need to be quick. Once it's applied you need to move the colour to where you want it before it dries off. Once dry this sets and WILL NOT budge! Seriously long-wearing!

You can use these as an eye shadow or liner but to be honest I would stick with using it as a shadow. It's quite chunky so getting a neat liner is tricky. You also need to keep these sharpened as the colour transfers from the other side if the point wears down.

The pencil below is number 03. The silver side is fine metallic silver. It gives off a pearl highlight. The blue is a royal blue with a silver glitter pigment. The bottom swatch shows the crayon used on its point to incorporate both shades.

Shade 05 is a beautiful pewter highlight and the darker shade is a deeper gunmetal grey with a silver speck of highlight. The third shade is again a mixture of the two.

There are four other shades along with these colours in the Bad Girl collection. These are £7.90 each.

The blush is a great handbag product. Available in two shades. We had the shade in 01 which is a rosy pink with a soft peach highlight.

Because the blush crayon is really chunky it's easier to apply the individual colours without transfer from the opposite shade. The blush are £8.90 each.

These products perform well with good, strong colour pay off and are a good price. Great for people who like multiple use products.



  1. Awesome products! They look amazing! =)

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  2. Can´t say I loved using KIKO eye shadow pencils before, but if these are as long lasting as their cream eye shadows, I´d definitely give them a try.

  3. I really like Kikos stick and cream eyeshadows but this duo business does not convince me at all!

    Instead, I've taken advantage of their sales and gotten three more of the stick eyeshadows from the previous collection ;)

  4. Hm, they seem difficult to use. Might have a look at them in Store.


  5. These look interesting, never a dual use product like that before!

  6. Really like how they decided to put two shades into one product, super useful for those who travel often. If I had to choose, the blush looks the most appealing for me since the application looks really quick!

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

  7. The highlighter looks so beautiful but I am in love with how pigmented it is. (especially the blue one, it looks like a flipping dream)

  8. Wow! These products swatch so vivid and pigmented!! xo


  9. Love the sound of these and the fact they're a duo. The eyeshadow shades are well out of my comfort zone but everything's worth a try and I love KIKO products! The blush looks lovely x

    Bridie | Upon My Sleeve

  10. I'm obsessed with KIKO and have been for a while. I have no idea why it's only just getting popular! x

  11. Ooooooooh not for me I'm afraid! I like the novelty but double-sided products are better, in my opinion. I can just imagine this creamy formula becoming a mushy mess of colour when you sharpen them. Beautiful colours though!


  12. So Beautiful, recently prepared a girlfriend birthday, she liked jewelry, so I intend to send her Boucles d'oreilles Swarovski to give her a surprise.

  13. I love Kiko products but I'm italian and it's one of the most popular brand here. This products look very pretty and the fact they're double it's a plus.


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