Thursday, 15 January 2015

Estee Lauder Double Wear Pencils

New from Estee Lauder are the Double Wear stay in place pencils. Following in the success of the other products in the double wear range these pencils do not budge!

Available in 12 continuous shades and 4 limited edition jewel toned shades in a mix of matte and metallic finishes.

 The pencils have a rounded nip which you can sharpen with a regular pencil sharpener.

The colour transfers so easily. Zero pressure is needed to create a super strong pigmented finish.
 These pencils are infused with jojoba and vitamin E to moisturise and help the product to glide.

 At the end of each pencil is a silicone, angled smudger. The silicone tip does really help to blend this rather than a brush. It moves the product around without removing it. I love the bevelled angle of this smudger. It allows you to get right into the creases of the eyes.

You need to work quickly with this product. Apply and blend. If you leave it for a moment and then try to blend it then you will fail! Once it dries it seriously stays put.
 You can use these pencils as a liner around the eye or buffed over the eye as a base for a powder eye shadow.
 Now there is always conflicting advice on if you can use pencils in the waterline of the eye. A lot of brands will so no to cover themselves but if we are honest then the waterline of the eye is exactly the place where we want a long wearing eye liner.
 We tested these in the waterline, it didn't irritate the eye at all and it also stayed put even when out in the windy weather this week. Just take care when removing it in this area. You will need to use an oil based eye makeup remover to get this off. Wet wipes or water based removers just won't cut it. These are waterproof.

We had three pencils to test out in black and jewel toned violet and emerald.

05 Night Violet, 01 Onyx and 07 Emerald Volt

These look particularly gorgeous smudged under the eye and blended out Cheryl Versini-Fernandez style!

These are available from 21st January 2015 for £16.50 each.



  1. How do they compare to say the Urban Decay 24 hour pencils?

  2. These are gorgeous, I want them all!


  3. Ta - loving the look of Burgundy Suede...

  4. If only I wear brave enough to wear color on a regular basis...

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  5. These look great! The blender looks so good!

  6. I seriously need to try out some coloured eyeliner!


  7. I'm not much for green but that Emerald pencil is amazing!

  8. They're quite expensive so I think I'll be sticking with the KIKO dupe! x

  9. these look amazing, gorgeous shades .x


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