Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Clarins Lip Essentials

Am I the only one who's lips are absolutely ravaged at the moment. I don't know if it's the weather, the central heating or lack of fluid intake...probably all three.
 Lipstick looks awful on me at the moment because it gets caught in the dry patches and lip gloss just feels uncomfortable.
 Thank goodness for Clarins!!
 As you will know if you watch our tutorials, we LOVE Clarins Instant light natural lip perfectors. The perfect combination of moisture, sheen and natural colour. Well lo and behold they have launched some exciting new lip products to rival our love.

Drum roll.....

Instant light lip comfort oil

I was only thinking the other day as I massaged my night face oil over my lips, why is there not an oil specifically for the lips? Regular face oils taste disgusting on your lips!
 This new lip oil from Clarins comes in their typical gold lid packaging which contains 7ml of product.
  I adore the application wand.

 It's like a a plush, padded cushion with a soft spongy texture. Hard wands drag the skin on the lips and make them feel sore when the skin is already irritated. 

This wand is like rubbing a kitten over your lips. Massive high five to Clarins for thinking of this detail.

The product inside is made from plant extracts suspended in selected essential oils. The preservatives in this have been replaced with Hazelnut oil (be aware of this if you have a nut allergy). Mirabelle oil and Jojoba oil give deep, nourishing moisturisation. The texture is similar to gloss but a little thinner. A little bit of tackiness to it but nothing that would cause your hair to get stuck in it. It has a high sheen finish but obviously no glitter or pigment.
 This product comes in 2 choices of 01 Honey (seen above) and 02 Raspberry (available online only).

The honey shade is pretty much clear, it doesn't look as caramel toned on the lips as it does in the bottle.
A great natural treatment for the lips that will secretly benefit your lips whilst giving a soft gloss finish. I do wish it was slightly less shiny so that more men would be keen to wear.
 Available from February for £18.00.

It doesn't end there....

Instant light lip balm perfector

Twist up, slimline balms with angled tip for easy application. Available in six shades all which are softly pigmented to flatter all lip tones. The perfect amount of colour to give you a bit of colour but not so much that you have to worry about it drawing attention to a dry lip.

They feel creamy on the lip and leave a tint of colour with a soft moisturised sheen rather than a gloss finish.

   Contains mango, Shea and our old favourite ingredient hyaluronic acid. 

Sorry for the lack of numerical order

The shade in 03 My Pink is pretty colourless but works on the PH level of your lips to create a unique colour for you.

A great handbag product or holiday essential.
 These are available now and are also £18 each.

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  2. I am so keen to try this out! I've recently been writing about balms for winter lips :) This one looks really nice. Sasha x

  3. Clarins lip colours are always oil for the lips a new thing??

    1. I personally haven't seen one before but i'm sure there are probably others out there

    2. I believe Hourglass also has one that came out a while back?

  4. I might try the oil, but I am not so keen on the balms. On my pigmented lips, even the Instant Lip Perfectors fail to leave color, so I wouldn't try anything even sheerer but still that expensive.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  5. My lips are RAVAGED all year round, they have a raisin like texture all the time and it is so annoying. The lip oil sounds amazing, definitely need to get my hands on that.

    Zoe Newlove Beauty Blogger & MUA

  6. Clarins are bringing out so many amazing products!! Need to try these!! Lilly xx

  7. Очень красивые оттенки, хочется на губках посмотреть))

  8. Great post! The rose shade looks so beautiful!

  9. My lips are the absolute worst in winter, even my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream struggles to fix them.. I think I may have to invest in some of these products!

    fishnetandfairytypes / beauty & style blog

  10. I like the idea of a lip oil. I wonder if the new YSL oil stains are as moisturizing as these are. The red shade is quite lovely!

  11. Just what the doctor ordered! My lips have been so dry and chapped lately, definitely picking these up when they come out!

  12. This looks so good, I just put in my new blog post that I get really bad cracked/Dry lips, I will have to invest in this.

  13. My lips have been so dry lately because of the cold weather in Canada. This product sounds amazing!

    I just posted an outfit idea on how to wear Pantone's color of the year, Marsala. Check it out on my blog. xo 

  14. I can see the next big trend coming on, Lip Oils!!!!

  15. I'm sceptical but curious to try it. Just worried it will instantly slide off after application..

  16. I'd love to try these! x


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