Friday, 23 January 2015

Bobbi Brown Brightening Bricks

Remember those loose bronzing/blusher pearls? The ones which drop on the floor and get crushed into the carpet. Well these new brightening bricks from Bobbi Brown are like that but are pressed into a mirrored compact thankfully!

They start their life as a slurry of creamy paste which is then poured into a pan and left to set. It is left to air dry and transforms into a soft powder.

 Because of the way they are created there is no matte finish to these. Some of the shades are a soft pearl finish and some have a fine glitter to them.
 You could try and pick out the individual colours if you wanted and use as a bronzer, blusher or highlighter however it's tricky because each square is only about 3cm x 1cm. You're best to get a big blush brush and swish it all over the colours.

 The tones vary from warm and cool tones. Fair skins are best to go for the cooler shades and a darker skin tone would benefit from the brightening effect of the warmer tones. 

Colour payoff isn't overly strong (not as strong as their shimmer bricks) so you will need a good amount of building up. Some of the colours are nice to use over the lid or on the brow bone.
 The sparkle is also very fine and won't leave you looking too glittery.

 If you are spending £33.00 on these the chances are you are into makeup and probably already have a blusher, bronzer and highlighter(which is what these effectively are)that would give you a similar finish. They are however nice that they house all three products in one making this a good choice for holidays. 
These are available from February and are £33.00 each. 



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  2. These do look pretty! However, not my prefered texture I am afraid. I prefer to control where my shimmer goes

  3. These are so beautiful! :)

  4. These look gorgeous, although I'd like to try the shimmer bricks first.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  5. They are so beautiful, I'd love to try Tawny and Cranberry. Would love to see these swatched :)


  6. These all looks so beautiful! Excited to try some out!

    Georgia |

  7. Remember those "balls"?
    You mean Meteorites by Guerlain?

    1. Guerlain were not the only brand to make them, everyone did them

  8. Those look pretty cool!

  9. Gorgeous colours, I love the look of Cranberry

  10. I really need to try some Bobbi Brown make-up! x


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