Friday, 12 December 2014

Paperself Tattoo Me

Temporary tattoos have come along way since the ones we wore in the 80's that took a month to scratch off of your skin!
Paperself who have brought you the amazing ornate false lashes have developed new temporary tattoos.

These are self adhesive designs which are each designed in an antique sketch style. Normally this type of product wouldn't appeal but the designs are so intricate and beautiful that you can't help but be attracted to them.

Most of the designs are sketched in black and white but there are a few which are coloured in a delicate colour palette.

The tattoo's are available for various parts of the body and include designs to replicate bracelets, rings and necklaces although you can adorn them anywhere you please.

Here are some of our favourites.....


Jewelled Fox
Fish Jockey

Rosy and Daisy Ring

Rosy and Daisy Necklace

My favourite things-Girls charm bracelet

These are really easy to apply and are tested to a high standard to ensure they are skin friendly.
 Once you have selected the design you want just cut them to the size you require.
 Ensure skin is clean and dry, remove the top clear sheet, press the tattoo firmly onto the skin and then hold a wet cloth against the back of the tattoo. You need to make sure the tattoo becomes saturated with the water. Wait around 30 seconds and then slowly peel away the backing paper.
 You can then add adornments to it if you want to.

I applied the charm bracelet and then added on the butterfly and kettle charm. It has an Alice in Wonderland feel about it and would look very pretty for a special occasion.

The Tattoo Me transfers last on the skin around 2-4 days depending on how much they are washed/rubbed etc.

If you want to remove them before this time then you can lift them off easily with an oil based eye makeup remover/cleanser or baby oil. You can also use an alcohol based hand sanitiser to remove easily.
The Tattoo me pieces range from £5.00-£8.50 depending on the design.

Check them all out over at



  1. Love the designs, would be great to play around with to figure out the placement of my next tattoo!
    - Grace xx

    P.S Would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and maybe follow if you feel so inclined? <3

  2. The last time I used a temporary tattoo was when I found one in my cereal box when I was 8 years old. These ones look so darling! I might give these a try =)

  3. Love these beautiful designs, I've been looking for some temporary tattoos to try them out, so nice to hear these are skin friendly!

  4. I like these ones - cute and interesting:


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