Friday, 19 December 2014

No7 Midnight Lash Mascara

No7's latest mascara has some interesting colour pigments. Infused with a blend of sapphire and black pearl to give an über blackest of black colour.

The best thing about this mascara for us is the brush. To be honest it's the deal breaker when choosing our mascara regardless of the colour. This brush has a tapered tip that picks out all of the fine hairs. It's main body is full, rounded and very bristly which grabs the lashes and curls them around the wand to create bend. I found this mascara to be great for separating the lashes. The lashes sit nicely inbetween the bristles creating a more defined look. The mascara texture is creamy but not gloopy and it is easy to build the layers without building clump! The brush isn't so large that you get it all over your eye lid and by using the tip of the brush it easily coats the bottom lashes.

 The black packaging with silver sparkle may fool you into thinking that this mascara contains glitter. It doesn't but instead gives a healthy conditioned sheen to the lashes.

 Not a glitter particle in sight.
 Smudge resistant but not waterproof. Nothing worse than trying to scrub off a waterproof mascara after a Christmas night out!

This mascara is £13.50 (although at time of blog it has £3.50 off!) and a really good all round mascara for building volume with an extra dark, glossy coating.

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  1. Whoop! I'm happy it's not waterproof as I always find mascaras that are such a pain to get off X


  2. I love this new mascara! I got it on a wimp, as I thought it may be good and I am so impressed with it! :)

  3. I'm not a massive fan of other No7 mascaras, but this might be good!


  5. I swear that if I ever visit the UK I must put aside a morning to browse through different beauty departments and stores! Great product and great price

  6. I spotted this the other day when browsing online and thought it looked pretty good! It's a shame there's no sparkle in there though!!!!


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