Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Makeup Forever Eye Shadows

 Opening these palettes instantly gives you the wow factor. The mix of textures and the vibrancy of the pigments draws you in and makes you want to grab your brush and get painting.

These palettes can be customised to suit your style so you wouldn't have to select the colours we have above.

 The pigment pay off of these shades is insane. Dany Sanz who is the makeup artist behind these artist shadows has a background in body art and this is so apparent when you look at the colour selection.
 Neon's and nudes, smokey and shimmer there is a texture and colour for all skin tones and artistic flare.

The artist shadows are available in matte, satin, metallic, iridescent and diamond.

Excuse the mucky finger prints in these palettes, we couldn't wait to get stuck in!

The other great thing about these shades are the size of the pan. A huge 1.5 inch pan of colour. This would take you a while to get through.
 The texture is quite unique to the touch. Velvet smooth and almost creamy (but still a powder). Blends easily and the pigment is so strong that when you blend the more vibrant colours over each other, a new colour is created.
 The creamy texture prevents drop down so there is hardly any fall out from these.

You can buy the magnetic palettes empty and then fill them with which ever colours you desire.
 The palettes come in small(holds 4), medium(holds 12), large(holds 18) and extra large(holds 28). Prices range from £3.95-£6.95 depending on the size. The palette we have above is the large which holds 18 artist shadows.

The colours we have above are listed below......

 The eye shadows which fit into these are the artist shadows and they have a huge colour line up to choose from. They are £12.50 each.

Left side, 1st Row
Left side 2nd Row
Left side, 3rd Row
Right side 1st Row

Right side 2nd Row
Right side 3rd Row

 If you are using the more vivid colours we would advise using a base underneath such as a primer, cream eye shadow or base powder shadow. The stronger colours tend to stain the skin a little otherwise.
 The makeup forever website is a slightly annoying as it doesn't give you product prices. If you are in the UK the best site to view and purchase from is



  1. Wow, these palettes are amazing! I love that the colours coming in different finishes, definitely going to have to try these out!

  2. These eyeshadows are soooo buttery smooth and the color payoff is out of this world, I want to buy more but I can't see them in person so thank you for these close-up photos and swatches! (I'm still sad that they discontinued their #92 eyeshadow though)

  3. Buttery soft is exactly how to describe these x

  4. These are amazing colors, especially the bolder ones look awesome!

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  5. Great and very durable shadows, and colors are incredibly brisk! I send greetings from Poland :)

    Welcome to my blog and review paddle cream Maqpro sleepers:

  6. These look lovely and so pigmented! Thanks for bringing these to my attention. xo

  7. These look gorgeous especially the neutral colors ! thank you for the Post :)

  8. omgggggggggggggggggggggg

    those look insanely pigmented! I want! lol


  9. These shades are so nice and the variation also good.

  10. These look totally beaut! I've never used the MUFE shadows, but this might have me convinced!

    Cass | CassandraMyee


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