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Jurlique Glow Calendula gift set

  Jurlique always produce amazing, luxurious gift sets. Their Calendula gift set is a great gift for a sensitive skin. The wooden effect box decorated with a floral design holds three full size products.
 Calendula has long been a flower which has been used in medicine and topical products for it's soothing purposes. It is anti viral, anti inflammatory and can reduce acne inflammation. During the war Calendula flowers were used in the dressing of wounded soldiers to help promote skin healing.

Festive red sleeve

I don't know about you but we always like to keep our products in their boxes. It makes it feel like you are opening a gift every time you use the product. The boxes for the three products in this set feature the painted image of the golden Calendula flower.

What's inside?....

 Soothing moisturising cream
A 40ml tube of rich cream which calms an angry skin, helps to reduce redness, promotes skin healing whilst protecting from further irritants.
 This water based cream also contains jojoba, avocado, calendula, chamomile, cucumber and shea. Works better on a dryer skin type due to the rich texture and shea butter ingredient.
 Perfect moisturiser on a skin type which is greatly affected by the environment and weather and which flares up easily.

Calming Mist 
I always have a Jurlique mist on my desk. It's the perfect pick me up for your skin in winter or summer. This frosted glass bottle holds 100ml.It is alcohol free so it won't evaporate and dry out the skin.It also doesn't have an over powering floral scent but more of a fresh cucumber aroma. 
 Similar ingredients as mentioned before along with aloe and linseed to restore the skin and give moisture. Great to have available to spritz over the face when required, especially if you work in an air conditioned or heated office. Also great to spritz onto the skin to help blend in foundation. If you find you get dry patches on your face which your foundation clings to then spritz a little of this over and it helps to buff away the patches of colour.
 Also nice to finish your makeup with.
 Refreshing, gentle and also because it's 100ml you can travel with it and take on flights.Looks particularly glamorous on your dressing table also!

Restorative treatment serum
Serums are lightweight so they get to the deeper layers of the skin which moisturiser can't reach. An essential product for dehydrated skin or skin which looks dull and tired.
 Apply a pea sized amount after cleansing but before your moisturiser.It will restore moisture back to a dry overly sensitive skin whilst promoting healing from deep down.

This set is £78.00 and is available now over at
 These products can also be purchased individually here Have you tried Jurlique products? Which ones are your favourite?




  1. Hi That such a pretty idea, I really like this - but I already sent off my Santa list ;)

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  3. Lovely items, and really pretty and useful to give as a gift


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