Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Delilah Cosmetics

Another thoroughly British brand has hit the market producing a line of products which we are really impressed with.
 Delilah is a brand which has been created through a collaboration from three friends Rupert Kingston, Hannah Nicholson and Juliet White.. Each has a background in the industry including makeup artist, beauty buyer and photographer.

 They wanted to create a luxury boutique, capsule brand which incorporated British aspects. The pewter metal containers are made using semi precious metal Britannia metal. The rose coloured accents in the name and inside of the packaging is taken from the crown gold colour used by Henry VIII to replace the gold sovereign. 

  Anyway back to the products.......

The collection is available to purchase online and also in selected prestigious hotels and spas throughout the UK.

We have a selection of some of Delilah's products to show you.

The colour blush packs a punch when it comes to pigment vibrancy. They have a spring/summer colour palette and look divine on the apples of the cheeks.
 Silky texture which applies with a natural satin finish (no glitter). Totally buildable so go in light and add colour as desired.
 These are £26.00 each .

The eye shadows are in a mix of matte and shimmer finishes.The matte which we tested have the same silk texture as the blush and even though matte is notoriously hard to blend this performed well. Layering was easy, no drop down and no patchy texture. The shimmer finish has the deceptive finish of a cream. Feels spongy to the touch and has an almost wet look pay off. We have five of the twelve shades available...

You can create such a smooth, clean finish. Mulberry and Pewter are especially beautiful and look stunning together.
These are £20.00 each.

If there is one product that we always use on a daily basis it's gel liner. We are fussy about the texture of gel liner we use. It needs to have the right consistency of cream texture for it to glide on but it needs to dry off at the optimum time to be able to correct or alter whilst not transferring onto the lid.
 Delilah have three gel liners in total. We had two of the shades and although they may both look black one is in fact plum.

 These gels are a very creamy texture and you will find a lot of product gets on the brush. Easy to layer up and wet enough to create your desired shape. Dries off after around 30 seconds and dries matte. These liners are £22.00 each.
 Water proof and smudge resistant these didn't budge. You will need to take them off with an oily eye makeup remover.

The black is a solid jet black and the plum is a rich, deep royal purple.
 The purple looks stunning on a green eye.

This brand has tons of other great products also so be sure to check them out over at


  1. This brand look amazing! Need to get my hands on those Mulberry and Pewter eyeshadows!
    RosieLM - A Beauty(ish) Blog

  2. The eyeshadow mulberry is amazing :)

  3. I love purple liner, especially if it is such a deep color. Looks great with my green eyes.

  4. Wow love the look of all of these products - those blush shades are so lovely!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  5. I soooo have my eye on the Pewter and Mulberry eyeshadows. Very pretty!


  6. The clementine blush is gorgeous! x

  7. Thank you to the Pixiwoo team...lovely blog x


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