Thursday, 4 December 2014

Cargo Swimmables Lip Liner

You know when you see ladies on the beach who look perfect. Glowing skin, perfect makeup even when in the sea! Well we are certainly not part of that elite group. Sweaty, greasy hair and sand in our lip gloss is more our beach look!
 We can't wait for our next holiday because these guys are coming in our makeup bag!
 Cargo have a whole range of waterproof makeup which we have mentioned before in a tutorial but the Swimmable lip liners are fantastic.

 The pencils are available in four shades, each which compliment a natural skin/lip tone.
 The pencils are not a hard texture as you may expect. The product has a waxy cream texture which is easily sharpened with a regular pencil sharpener.
 This type of pencil is also great if you prefer to over draw your lip line slightly. It will adhere to the skin and stay in place.

 The colours available are great to help create a natural lip contour. The waxy texture prevents feathering when worn with a lipstick.
 Base the lips with this lip pencil so that when your lipstick wears off you will still have the liner colour underneath.

Top: Moscow Bottom: Oahu

The top colour Moscow is a nude warm beige. Perfect for recreating the Supermodel look of the 90's with.
 The shade Oahu is a a brick red with a tiny gold fleck running through it. Cargo also have a deep russet and a peachy pink.

The pencils contain a high percentage of synthetic wax which helps moisture or fluid to run over the product without it disturbing the colour.

 I tested the colours under water and it was almost like the liner just repelled the liquid. Even when I tried to rub it off under water it wouldn't budge.
 I had to remove with an oil based makeup remover.
 These liners would be great if you live or have to work in a humid climate.

These pencils are normally £12.00 but are discounted at the moment to £10.68 each over at



  1. I usually dont wear Makeup to the beach, but I think they might be awesome when working on set while you are doing a rain shoot

  2. oooh those are so pretty! I LOVE that they're waterproof! And the gold flecks in Oahu are just gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing! You have definitely peaked my interest! xx

  3. I actually think that these are awesome, so ideal for people in hot climates! x

    The Belle Narrative

  4. Living in Southern California it's beach weather all year 'round! Definitely going to have to try these out! They look super pigmented and pretty! Lovely post!



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