Monday, 8 December 2014

Andrew Gallimore by Rankin

We love to celebrate UK success stories and there is no greater one than makeup artist Andrew Gallimore.

Coming from a background in art, Andrew went on to combine his art knowledge with various mediums to adorn the face and body. He became obsessed with facial structure, colour and how he could enhance facial features with unconventional materials such as rubber and paper.
 Whilst in his final year of studying Interactive Arts, Andrew contacted several makeup artists he admired for help in answering questions regarding his dissertation. Drawing a blank from all who he contacted it was finally makeup artist Sharon Dowsett who came through and responded. Six months later Andrew was given an opportunity to assist her and this became his biggest break into the industry.
 To showcase his outstanding work Andrew has teamed up with British fashion and portrait photographer Rankin.

Andrew Gallimore by Rankin is the fourth installment in Rankin's beauty book series and features a range of compelling portraiture charting British history through make-up. It publishes in December as a hard-back book and is distributed in the UK by Boutique Mags, priced £40

We think you'll agree these images and the artistry involved are stunning. The work Andrew has created gives inspiration to any makeup fanatics and showcase how the boundaries of makeup and art can be blurred.
 We frequently explain to people how there really are no rules when it comes to makeup and the work created here is all the evidence you need.



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