Monday, 3 November 2014

Lush Nightingale Collection

Inspired by the fairytale 'Nightingale' by Hans Christian Andersen Lush bring you their Christmas collection box.
 The huge box which is decorated beautifully with images from the tale holds 20 of their most popular products.

 How excited would a Lush fan be to open this on Christmas morning. I loved pulling all of these out to investigate the products within. The only thing that dampened my excitement was that some of the bath bombs had broken and all the other products were covered in their dusty residue. This could obviously happen in transit as ours arrived in the post but I think it would be better for each individual bath bomb/soap to be wrapped in bubble wrap to give them a better chance. I think Lush have tried to use as least packaging as possible (environmental reasons) but these guys do need a little more protection I think.

What can you expect to find inside?......

Dream Time Bath melt, Avobath Bath bomb, Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath melt, Star light Star Bright Bath melt, Sakura Bath bomb, Christmas Eve Bubble melt
Snow Angel Bath melt, Sunnyside Bubble bar, Snowcake soap, Yog Nog Soap, Twilight Bath bomb, Blue skies and fluffy white clouds Bubble bar

Gold Fun, Christmas Hedgehog Bubble bar, Holly Golightly Bubble bar, Lord of Misrule Bath bomb, So White Bath bomb, Cinders Bath bomb
A French kiss Bubble bar, Rose Jam Bubbleroon

All of these products are available to buy individually and if you were to purchase them all singularly it would cost £73.85. The gift box as it is costs £82.50 so you are paying £8.65 for the box but you have to expect to pay for such a beautifully decorated box. The box is really nice to keep as storage once you have used up all your products.

This collection is available now for Christmas at



  1. What an amazing collection of Lush goodies! I totally agree that any lush lover would be over the moon opening this. I know I would be! xoxo

  2. Wow this box sounds lovely! This would definitely be a perfect gift for someone for christmas or a december birthday. Please check out and follow my Beauty & Fashion Blog:

  3. Oh, I can almost smell the goodies from here!

    And I love the theme.

  4. Oh wow, this is such a gorgeous package!
    Messing With A Dreamer


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