Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A&A Candles

A&A candles are something a little different to the norm. Handcrafted from re-purposed wine bottles and containing premium natural soy wax with a natural wooden wick.
 The green glass bottles are cut and sanded so there is no scratchy edges. The soy wax means that there are no pesticides or herbicides and it creates a more even burn which doesn't produce plooms of soot or smoke.

 Each candle is fragranced with a different scent. When we opened the box containing these the smell was amazing! They hadn't even been lit, yet they filled the room with their scent.
 We had two different candles. One in Fruity Merlot and one in Cinnamon Bun.

 Fruity Merlot contains plums, apples, raspberries and strawberries which are combined with spice to give it a warming scent. Ridiculously fruity and is not too much of a wintery smell making it a good choice to burn in the summer also.
Cinnamon Bun is much more of a sweet scent. Exactly like a Cinnamon Bun should be! Comforting and warming with that bread aroma that we all love when walking by the bakery.

  Candles are £10.00 each, are 550g and have 50-60 hours burn time.
 They make a nice gift for someone who likes something a little different.

A&A candles offer alternative fragranced candles and also candles in jam jars. You can check them out here


  1. I love how rustic these candles look! And I bet they smell absolutely amazing too! I would love to try the Fruity Merlot scent! Thank you for the heads up!

  2. This will defiantly be going on my Christmas list & I will be purchasing for a lot of friends! Thanks for the post, once again. #brilliant

  3. These look so cool, I think they'll definitely be making their way to my house, never mind as a Christmas prezzie!

    Dani ~ What Danielle Loves


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