Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Neom Scents of Christmas

Neom produce beautiful luxury candles and for Christmas this year they have two new ones.
 The two candles come together in a presentation box.

The two keepsake jars are made from frosted glass each decorated with a silver and gold pattern.

The candle in the gold holder is called Christmas Wish.Scented with mandarin, cinnamon and tonka bean.
This smells like your Christmas cake baking in the oven. The cinnamon gives a festive warming scent and the mandarin gives it a fresh citrus note.
 The candle in the silver holder is pine, myrrh and lime peel. The pine gives it the fresh tree scent which I love this time of year.

  Each candle is 185g and has a burn time of 35 hours. 

These smell so amazing even before being lit. They burn really evenly and don't produce loads of soot either.

Available now for £49.95 for the pair over at http://www.neomorganics.com


Monday, 17 November 2014

Becca Glow to go

Becca Shimmering skin perfector has long been one of our favourite liquid highlighters.
 Becca being an Australian brand was always a little trickier to get hold of but now that SpaceNK stock it here in the UK it's much more accessible.
 The shimmering skin perfectors usually come in a large pump action tube but SpaceNK have three vials of the different colour highlighters in an online exclusive.

 Each vial is 5g and has a flexible, slim sponge applicator.

 These highlighters look amazing on the high points of the face. Always a product which is in our kit to apply on shoots or to models and brides. The highlight is not a glittery finish but more of a wet look sheen. It gives the skin a beautiful radiance that catches the light and makes the cheek bones pop This highlighter photographs really well and whenever we wear it we get tons of compliments on how healthy our skin looks.
 Apply after your foundation by buffing onto the high points of the face.
 There are three colours in the set....
 Champagne gold which is a limited edition shade. This shade would be more suited to a medium, olive or darker skin tone.
 Pearl looks quite white in the tube but in reality is a more silvery sheen.
 Our favourite shade is Opal. It is a nude, flesh tone colour and mimics the natural skin colour (for a fair-medium skin tone) creating a radiance which just looks like really healthy, glossy skin.
 These would suit all skin types.

The liquid texture allows the product to blend in easily. It's really nice to use as a shimmering base over the eyelids before you apply your eye shadow.

This kit is a great opportunity to try these highlighters without committing to the larger size product. Great for travelling with and great to use in your kit if you are a proffesional.

The set of three is £20.00 and available from http://goo.gl/Y2NWDN



Friday, 14 November 2014

Beauty Beam

The simple ideas are always the best. We may look like we get ready in the dark but we will have no excuse now!
This little gadget is basically a tiny battery operated torch. It measures around an inch long and has a flexible band which stretches around your brush, tweezers etc. The band would hold a brush as slim as an eye liner brush or stretch to fit a nail varnish brush or chunky blusher brush.

 The torch has a button on the top which you push to switch on the light beam. The beam simulates natural light which shines onto the area of your face you are working on.

Great for makeup artists who often work in dimly lit rooms or on location at night. Great to take on a night out in your bag for touch ups or just to use at home if you find it difficult to see clearly.
 I'm terrible at painting my nails so by putting this onto the nail varnish brush I found it much easier to see where I was going.

The Beauty Beam is waterproof and comes with a battery inside. I can't see that the battery can be changed once it runs out but the whole gadget is only £4.99 so it probably costs the same to just replace the whole thing.
This is available in four colours of pink, purple, white and grey. Get hold of one at www.yourbeauty247.com and www.amazon.co.uk


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Jo Malone Christmas Cracker

This years Christmas cracker from Jo Malone is in stores and online now for £32.00.
The classic Jo Malone packaging with ruby red silk bows to tie in with this years Frosted Fantasy collection.

Inside are three mini's including a Lime Basil and Mandarin cologne in 9ml, a Blackberry and Bay body and hand wash in 15ml and a Nectarine Blossom and Honey body créme in 15ml.
These mini's are ideal for travelling with or just to keep in your handbag to freshen up with during the day.

 The Jo Malone Christmas cracker is only available for a limited time from here...http://goo.gl/zYOsBi


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Bobbi Brown Scotch On The Rocks

This latest collection from Bobbi Brown has the nicest packaging we have seen in a while. It has a real 70s vibe going on with its chocolate brown leather palette and bright gold packaging.
The collection has been inspired by the late Lauren Bacall. Lauren Bacall was known for her sultry looks and distinctive voice but also for being a fabulous actress with a career spanning from the 40s through to the 90s.

For the skin, there are two highlighting powders in bronze glow and pink glow. Each comes in a mirrored compact and has a mosaic style pattern.

Bronze glow

We only have the bronze glow to show you rather than the pink. It's quite a warm bronze gold so it sits better on a medium to darker skin tone rather than very fair skin.

Looks really beautiful dusted over the high points of the face or eyes. This compact is £34.00.

The eye shadow palette packaging is stunning. Chocolate brown leather with a crocodile skin effect. It contains a mirror and nine powder shadows in a mixture of shimmer and matte finish.

The eye shadows are all warm toned and the highlight which runs through them is a soft gold. 

The colours are all quite muted with the exception of the darker bronze and black. I love the foil gold tones and the first two colours are great for a natural base and a soft contour colour. 
This palette would work on all eye colours but would look amazing on a blue eye. Would also look beautiful on a darker skin tone.
No drop down from these eye shadows and colours are very buildable depending on the look you want to achieve. The large mirror in the lid also makes it a great travel palette (although no brushes are included). This palette is £59.00.

There are four colours for the lips from this collection. Each colour is a classic Christmas tone and are in a rich, creamy texture. Build the layers for a more opaque cover and definitely use a lip liner to create a defined edge.

Beige Gold shimmer and Bordeaux

Bordeaux is the most perfect Christmas red, like a fine glass of Malbec! The Beige gold is not a colour that really interests us as it is quite gold on a fair skin tone but if you are blessed with olive or darker skin tones then this would look great.
The lipsticks are £22.00 each.

The collection is available now from http://www.bobbibrown.co.uk 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Yankee Candle Advent Calender

Ok I think this is the last advent calendar we are going to talk to you about. This one is a little different though because it contains our most favourite thing...candles!!!
I'm sure you all know the brand Yankee candle. They make candles in all manner of beautiful scents in varying sizes of jar.

 For this Christmas they bring you a collection of twenty-four candles inside a house! Looks just like the house from Home Alone, you don't get anymore festive than that!

 The candles are all tea lights with the exception of number 24 which is a 49g votive candle.


The tea lights are fragranced in a mixture of candy cane lane, Christmas garland, Christmas cookie, sugared apple, Christmas memories, spiced orange, snowflake cookie and the larger candle is in the scent named Christmas eve.

 The special Christmas eve candle....

 This calender would be a nice one to open each evening. Turn the lights off, get a cup of whatever you fancy and light your candle.
 Please be sure to light your candle away from the box though, it's made from cardboard and highly flammable!
 This is available now and is £24.99 and Yankee candle deliver to UK and 30 other countries within the EU.



Friday, 7 November 2014

MAC Holiday Objects of affection mini pigments

Here in the UK MAC have launched their holiday sets, I think if you are in North America you may already have had these a bit longer.
 We swung into our local MAC and picked up these gorgeous mini pigments sets before they sold out.
 MAC have a similar format for their gift sets each year but just change up the packaging and the colours. If you have worked for MAC or been buying MAC for a long time you occasionally see similar colours roll out each year.
 MAC have gone all Downton Abbey on us this year and produced elegant packaging featuring an aristocratic female bust laden in pearls. Regal but doused in glitter.

 The mini pigment sets are a really nice selection of colours this year. Each box contains five pigments in a 4g size. Four are the normal pigment texture whilst the fifth colour is a glitter pigment. Each set contains two shades which are re-promotes (regular colour line up). The rest are limited edition.

Objects of affection - silver and blue

With the white sparkly lid this kit contains cool tones silvery white, smokey teals, blackened grey with a grey glitter. 

Objects of affection - pink and rose

Has a black sparkly lid and contains warm toned rose gold, peach and deep burgundy with a copper glitter.

 Objects of affection - gold and beige

Grey sparkly lid containing antique golds, bronze, chocolate and bright gold glitter.


To get a good covering of the glitter either press it over the top of the other colours with a firm brush or when using alone put on a cream eyeshadow first for it to adhere to.
Each set is £26.00 and these are all limited edition. These sell out ridiculously fast, especially as they contain a glitter this year. If you want one then don't hesitate because they will be gone before December has even got here. Available in store and online http://www.maccosmetics.co.uk
Please note that these holiday items cannot be viewed by viewing online from your mobile phone, only via desktop.

Which set is your favourite?

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Tanya Burr False Lashes

We like to celebrate the successes of our loved ones (don't we all?) and we are really proud of Tanya Burr for her latest launch of false lashes.
 Tanya always wears lashes when out and about so it made sense for her to launch her own line which caters for the type of look she likes.
 Tanya has six different lashes to choose from....
Bambi eyes
Girls night out
Pretty Lady
Everyday flutter
Date night

These lashes are all hand made and come with a lash adhesive. Trim from the outer edge to suit your eye length and apply after your mascara.
 You can re use these if you are very careful when removing them. With a cotton bud gently wipe over the lash line with an oily eye makeup remover and you should be able to tease off the lash. Pick off any remaining dry glue and you can then keep them in their case.

Tanya's lashes are £5.49 each and are available from http://www.feelunique.com


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A&A Candles

A&A candles are something a little different to the norm. Handcrafted from re-purposed wine bottles and containing premium natural soy wax with a natural wooden wick.
 The green glass bottles are cut and sanded so there is no scratchy edges. The soy wax means that there are no pesticides or herbicides and it creates a more even burn which doesn't produce plooms of soot or smoke.

 Each candle is fragranced with a different scent. When we opened the box containing these the smell was amazing! They hadn't even been lit, yet they filled the room with their scent.
 We had two different candles. One in Fruity Merlot and one in Cinnamon Bun.

 Fruity Merlot contains plums, apples, raspberries and strawberries which are combined with spice to give it a warming scent. Ridiculously fruity and is not too much of a wintery smell making it a good choice to burn in the summer also.
Cinnamon Bun is much more of a sweet scent. Exactly like a Cinnamon Bun should be! Comforting and warming with that bread aroma that we all love when walking by the bakery.

  Candles are £10.00 each, are 550g and have 50-60 hours burn time.
 They make a nice gift for someone who likes something a little different.

A&A candles offer alternative fragranced candles and also candles in jam jars. You can check them out here http://www.aacandles.co.uk

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Benefit Christmas Mini's

We introduced the Benefit Sweet shop advent calender to you a few weeks back (now sold out we believe) and now Benefit have launched their mini gift sets also with the same sweet shop theme.

These are lovely gifts and not overtly christmassy so great to buy for people who have birthdays around this time of year also. The presentation as always with Benefit is done really well. Products are nestled into solid tins embossed with old style sweet shop images. Great to keep hold of afterwards to keep bits and bobs in.

Cheeky Sweet spot

Tin contains Hoola bronzer, Dandelion, Coralista, Bella bamba, Rockateur and Sugarbomb blushers along with Watt's up highlighter. Also has a mini application brush.

This set is £29.50

Beauty Bonbons

This kit is for your skin enthusiast. Someone who likes a flawless, radiant base.
Large tin which contains a mini pore-fessional, full size High beam liquid highlighter, full size Hoola bronzer and brush, a mini they're real mascara and a mini ultra plush lip gloss in Hoola.

This set is £39.50 which is a great deal considering to buy a High beam and Hoola separately would be £43.00 and that's without the other pieces.

Sweet Tintations

This set is not in a tin but in normal card packaging. It contains a full size Benebalm and Lolli balm. These lip balms are naturally tinted in a soft red and pink. The Benetint and Lollitint are liquid blushers which give a flushed stain to the cheeks.

 This set is £19.50.

Fun size flirts

This is a best sellers collection. If you're not sure what Benefit products to buy for someone? You can't go wrong with this one containing ten of their most loved products.

These are all mini's but it gives you a great taster of the brand if you have never purchased before.
 The POREfessional
Badgal lash
Instant comeback  facial serum
They're real mascara
Dandelion blusher
Sun beam
Posie tint
Ooh la lift
Stay don't stray mini light/medium
That gal primer

All of this comes in standard card packaging and is £29.50. 

There are a ton of other gift sets from Benefit so be sure to check them out to find your perfect gift (or present to yourself).
 These are available now for a limited time online and in store.



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