Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Zelens Primers

Always excited to try new products from Zelens. Yes it's a pricey brand but the ingredients and science behind the products result in high performance products that get you the results you desire.
 Dr Marko Lens is the brains behind the brand and as a consultant plastic surgeon and renowned expert in skin cancer and skin ageing, this man knows skin!!
Zelens is predominantly a skin care brand but this October they have launched a few extra products to their portfolio and these two newbies are particularly awesome.

To be honest, primers are not something we use every single day. When we are not working we are bare faced, hair up, trackie bottoms kind of girls but on the occasions when we need longevity then primers are a must.
 We don't have time to keep touching up our makeup all day and when working on brides or looks which need to last then primers are key.
 Zelens have created two different primers. Satin and velvet. Satin would be for your normal to dry skin that is dull, lacks radiance and needs a bit of a kick.
 Velvet is for your combination to oily skin that is prone to open pores, uneven skin texture and which makeup slides off of by lunch time.

The satin primer contains Yeast respiratory factor which is extracted from live yeast cells. It increases cell metabolism and helps with skin healing whilst reducing inflammation. Perfect for a dry, aggravated skin.
 Lindera which is a plant extract to revitalise and give luminosity.
 Shiso leaf (Japanese mint) which is anti-bacterial, anti inflammatory, and calms a sensitive skin.
 Pearl maintains moisture levels and vitamin E  protects against every day aggressors.
 It is colourless, creamy and although it has no fragrance as such it does have the lovely classic Zelens scent.. Don't apply too much as this will take a while to sink in.This is still oil free so it won't saturate your skin in a greasy film.
 Skin feels nourished and radiant without any glitter. Just fresh and natural. Foundation sits nicely on top and any skin irritation and dryness is softened and smoothed over to give your foundation a more even cover.

The velvet primer looks initially the same texture as the satin primer but feels totally different once you start to massage in. Absorbs super fast and creates a velvet matte finish which removes the shine but doesn't dull the skin.
 It contains Usnic acid which is derived from alpine plants. Anti-inflammitory and healing whilst regulating the sebum. It doesn't strip the skin but just maintains the pH levels.
 Plant sugars limit water loss and boost hyaluronic acid in the skin to plump. It has the Japanese mint, the same as the satin primer and also the vitamin E.
 This really does feel quite matte on the skin (obviously) and you will definitely need to apply a good layer of your  regular moisturiser beforehand to stop the drying.
This helped combat any oily breakthrough during the day and also looked beautiful in photographs.

 As I said they are not cheap... £42.00 each for 30ml but seriously worth it.

You can get both of these primers from October over at http://www.spacenk.com




  1. The packaging looks so cheap, I thought this was a drugstore product :D

    1. This comment is not fair and probably written by someone who did not see these products. Actually, packaging is very premium with a beautiful metal lid and good-quality tube: mat finish for Velvet primer and shiny finish for Satin primer. Easy for travel. The rest of the line also has wonderful packaging with incredible attention to detail.

    2. I think the packaging serves it's purpose. All of Zelens packaging is minimalist, the money is spent on what's inside

  2. Thanks for this! I'd love to see your reviews on the other beauty products :)

  3. Nice review….I also actually find the packaging soso for that price line. I heard of the brand and will check a bit more of their website what they have to offer.:-)

    1. i think all the money goes into the product itself, more exciting packaging would mean extra cost on top of the £42

  4. I love the thought of different, actually working ingredients in primers targeted at special problems. Skincare in make up is great and always worth investing.

  5. Sounds great though, like you said, very expensive x

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  7. Sound really good I have to check this out


  8. How much is that in US dollars?

    1. Type it into Google exchange and it will tell you


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