Monday, 6 October 2014

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

 I feel like I'm late to the party on this one. It's been sat on my desk for about a month and I kept meaning to take a look at it but just never got around to it. I took it home this week and have been using it each morning for work.

What do YSL say about this foundation?
Weightless, feather like, 24 hour wear, soft-matte perfection. SPF 18. They speak of NASA technology to help skin stay matte for longer!

What do we think?
 Chic looking bottle with long application wand with the tear drop tip which is the same as their lip product wand.
I'm not a huge fan of the wand style application. I tend to pull it out in a rush and drip it onto my carpet. I also think the wand encourages people to swipe across the face which is normally fine but if you suffer from skin breakouts or infection then you transport the bacteria onto the wand and then straight back into the pot. Much better to wipe the wand onto the back of your hand or onto a brush.

Initial texture is exactly as YSL state. It almost feels like a water on the skin. Unbelievably lightweight. I assumed it was water based because of the fluidity but it is in fact a silicone based foundation. The silicone is what gives it that flawless, polished finish. It smooths the skins texture and feels like velvet as you blend it in. It has specialised ingredients to help with the blend ability of this foundation. Because of it's sheerness it is absorbed quickly with a velvet- matte finish. Even though it is more on the matte side it still looks real. Skin looks naturally flawless and never dull.
 The USP of this foundation is it's staying power. It has rub resistant ingredients which sole purpose is to keep this foundation in place.
 Because of the soft matte finish this sits beautifully on a combination or oily skin. It doesn't pool in oily areas or sit in pores. The particles in the foundation have a honeycomb structure which absorb and hold more sebum as it is produced.
 It works wonderfully on combination, oily and "normal" skins. On a dry skin it still looks beautiful but may start to feel a little tight in areas where the dryness occurs. You can rectify this by applying a moisture rich primer underneath.
 Coverage is pretty sheer but you can build it in the areas you need a little more cover. 
 The shade line up is good.  Twenty-one shades are available and are a mix of pink and yellow bases.

The colour numbering (like most brands) is confusing as always. YSL split their colours into three categories of B, BD and BR followed by the number. The higher the number denotes the darkness of the shade. The B, BD and BR indicate their undertones. B is neutral, BD is Beige Dore (Golden) and BR is Beige radiant (Pink).
  We had a few of the shades to show you. Sorry that the colour of the shades doesn't stand out very much but it absorbs in so fast and is so sheer that it just melts away.

There are seven additional shades also so be sure to head into store to be matched up or view the shades online.
This foundation is £30.50 and available now.



  1. I went and grabbed a 7 day sample from the counter and am head over heels, such a shame I'm a skint student ey!


  2. With an SPF of 18 did you find that it flashed back in photos at all?x

    1. No flashback at all. It looks lovely in photographs.x

  3. Do you know of a pump that would work with this foundation? I hate the wand applicator!

  4. Ohh I might try this out, but I do prefer a foundation with a pump! Great review xx

    Beauty and Fashion blog:

  5. It looks like such a brilliant foundation x

  6. I love the range of colours x

  7. I'm OBSESSED with this foundation, I went and got it applied at a counter a month or so ago and haven't looked back. Perfect in every way (I've got oily skin), can't recommend enough!

    Lucy xxx
    She's So Lucy

  8. it looks like a great foundation shame it doesn't have a pump though rather then a wand applicator as I am not a fan of them :(

    Melissa || x x

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  10. Hi ladies, love your work and especially the Bond Girl series of make up you did. I was wondering if you could do an Olga Kurylenko from Quantum of Solace look? I'd also like to request Kim Kardashians make up at the September 28, 2014 Givenchy Paris Fashion Show, it was beautiful and glowy, her make up artist Mario Dedivaonic said the lipstick she wore was 'Midi Mauve' by Mac :). Keep up the good work! X

  11. Just picked up a sample to try. I have a lovely feeling this might be the foundation I've been waiting for!

  12. I'd love to try it and check the coverage...



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