Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ruth Crilly Colab Dry Shampoo

 You may have heard us talk a lot about Ruth Crilly. She is a great friend of ours and we are so happy to share with you Ruth's fab new product launch Colab dry shampoo.
 If you haven't heard of Ruth then let us introduce you. Ruth has been an international fashion model for over 10 years working on huge ad campaigns and gracing the pages of editorials for magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan.
 Not only is Ruth successful in her modelling career but she also has a First Class honours degree in Literature and an MA in creative writing. She puts this to great use in her blog Here Ruth talks about life as a model, travel, health and her favourite products of the moment. She also has some pretty cute animals! Mr Bear the cat who is basically a big plush cushion with eyes and Dexter the dog who is equally adorable.

As someone with a hectic lifestyle Ruth has launched a range of dry shampoo in five different scents and in two sizes.
 There is a 50ml size which is perfect for your handbag or wash bag and a large 200ml size to keep on your dressing table.
 There are five scents available each named after different cities to represent Ruth's travels with her work. Each bottle is decorated with a unique pattern and colour coded lid.
 Scent options are...

Tokyo in the magenta coloured lid has an oriental fragrance. Orchid and mandarin with a sandalwood base. It smells warm, woody and softly floral.

Rio in the green lid has a tropical fragrance. I want to drink this scent! It smells exotic and fruity. It's basically a holiday scent in a bottle! Papaya, pineapple and cassis give this it's scent.

Paris in the rose pink lid is a floral scent. Not overpowering in anyway as some floral scents can be. Jasmine and rose are the main notes coming through with a patchouli base.

London is in the black lid with a hounds tooth design. This is our favourite one. It just smells sexy! I imagine David Beckham's hair smells of this! It has a deep musky bergamot scent but with the lightness of magnolia.

New York in the peach lid has a fruity fragrance. Uplifting and fresh. It is scented with apple and melon.

Not only do these all smell amazing they do their job well. A fine mist is released which instantly absorbs oil and refreshes the hair. It's so lightweight that it doesn't leave a white dust on the hair making it suitable for all hair colours. The mist doesn't feel chalky or crispy in the hair and won't dry your hair out.
 Great in between hair washes but also a lovely treat to spritz over to envelop your hair in the scent of your choice.
Simply section your hair, spritz over, massage into the root and brush through.

Check out our behind the scenes filming for Colab with Ruth.

The 50ml bottle is £2.00 and the 200ml is £3.50.
Colab is available now from and
 Which one will you be buying?




  1. They all sound lovely! I love the sound of the Paris scent! x


  2. I just ordered all five of them :D
    I´ll sniff them and the ones I don´t like as much I´ll give away to friends and family :D

  3. Oh gosh I want the London scent! Can't wait to visit be back in the UK for Christmas and pick some up! xo

  4. Could you please be kind enough to tell me a site that delivers in Greece? None of the sites above ship in Greece... Thanks! :)

    1. Feel Unique which is listed above will deliver to Greece.x

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    3. "Due to shipping restrictions, this product is not available in Greece" Unfortunately, that is the message I get from Feel Unique and, thus, I cannot order... If the product is available in any other site that ships in Greece, could you please inform me? Thank you in advance :)

  5. Ruth is amazing as a model and as a blogger, I'm so glad she's created such a great range. I think I might be interested in New York and London ones. The 50ml size is just IT

  6. I'm so excited to try these! I'm always looking for a dry shampoo that actually smells nice x

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  8. This is so exciting, I've been looking for a nice smelling dry shampoo for so long so i can't wait to give these a go!

    Chloe | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


  9. I have a can of Colab. It's literally the best dry shampoo I have ever tried. Having dark hair the residue from other brands really does take work to move. Colab disappears - so glad it's the lovely Ruth's creation & I know it will be a success x


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