Friday, 3 October 2014

Luxury Advent Calendars

I know it's October and we haven't even had Halloween yet but these get snapped up so quick and as they are out this month we thought we better share it with you.

I'm sure there will be other brands rolling them out over the next few weeks but these two have hit our desk this week so thought we would share them with you guys.

Firstly Benefit. We adore this one. It's so cute! The face of it looks like an old fashioned sweet shop but in quirky, vivid Benefit style colours.
 Behind the 24 doors are mini beauty products such as pore professional, lip gloss, eye cream and high beam. There are also extra surprise gifts inside such as heart shaped paper clips and polka dot hair ties.
 I won't post the contents because I don't want to spoil the surprise for you but there is a really good selection of products to suit all.
 It's not a cheap one at £60/€90 but if you are a Benefit fan then I'm sure you may want to treat yourself!
 The value of the calender is £109.53 so it's a saving of £49.53 if you would often spend on the Benefit counter anyway.
 This is out online from 16th October at and
and in the top 100 Debenhams stores and Benefit boutiques nationwide from 1st November.

  The second advent calendar is from No7. This opens up like a book and is spread over the two pages. It has 25 doors to open and contains a mixture of cosmetics and skin care. Eye serum, protect and protect day cream, lip crayon and mascara minis plus much more.
 The calender doesn't visually look quite as appealing as the Benefit calender but you do get one extra treat as it has 25 treats and it's also half the price.

This Calendar is £35.00/€45 with a value of £130 based on a combination of price per ml/g of the standard size.
 This calendar is available in store from 29th October and also online at

Would you like either of these guys or do you prefer a good old chocolate advent calendar?


  1. The Benefit one is divine. Too bad it is so expensive. Thanks Stacey. They are gorgeous.

  2. Love the look of the Benefit one! x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  3. So excited for these this Christmas, I've wanted the Benefit one for years and think the No7 one looks so lovely too, great for trying out new things!

  4. The benefit one looks so good but is pricey, I think if I was going to splurge on one it would be the Selfridges calender x

  5. Advent calendar for the older girls on a diet :)

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  7. OoOoOo I crave the Benefit one nearly as much as the chocolate ones haha! I know what you mean Vivienne, maybe someone will bring out a 70% cocoa one and we can all rest easy. I'm a rep for Juice Plus ( and i've been telling them if they brought out a healthy treat one they would make a fortune!! Carrots just don't have the same appeal ;) x

  8. I really want one of these this year! I think it's such a great idea, although the benefit one is rather pricey! Please check out and follow my Beauty and Fashion blog:

  9. I've wanted the benefit one for years now! Just need to convince someone to buy me an early Christmas present so I can actually open them on the days!

  10. I love the idea of these, but it's just a luxury that I couldn't afford to splash out on in the run up to Christmas! I'll be sticking to my Milkybar Advent Calendar! Unless I bag myself an early Christmas present ;)

  11. The Body Shop also do great ones! x

  12. I was thinking about getting the Benefit one but I just purchased 'calendar'' from Selfridges (it's out now for £85) and I really want the one from Liberty of London (£145 or something), so I must let this one go. Although, maybe I will get the Body Shop one... Help!

  13. These look lovely :) I would rather have one of these instead of a chocolate one :)


  14. I need to pick me one of these beauts up! Had my eye on the Selfridges one, lots of money though!

    Francesca xo |

  15. I love the idea of these but I get so worried that I wouldn't use the products enough to warrant the spend. xxx

  16. I so want the Benefits advent calender!


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