Thursday, 9 October 2014

Face Lace Halloween

Halloween is one of our most favourite times of the year. It's always exciting thinking about what looks to create and what to dress up as to Halloween parties.
If you are struggling for spooktacular ideas for Halloween then you can always turn to Face Lace.
 We have previously featured their Halloween stencils last year but this year they have something a little bit different.

They have two different designs. One is a graveyard scene with a spiders web to the outer corner. The second stencil is a web featuring a spider and a ghost.
 What's great about these stencils is that parts of them are glow in the dark.

They sit neatly over and under the eye but you can trim them up a little if you need to. They are self adhesive and stick really well. You can wear them on bare skin or stick them onto skin which has makeup on also.
Wear with a vibrant lip and a contoured cheek and 'Hey Presto!' you're ready to go! These are £8.50 each.

Also from Face Lace are these beautiful designs inspired by sugar skulls. One has a rose design for the forehead and one has a web design for the forehead. Both have delicate sparkling gems in sapphire, emerald green and jet black to catch the light.
 These are limited edition and are a little more expensive at £39.95 each.


These are available now from 



  1. Looks amazing! :))

  2. So cool! x

  3. I love the images, I've only tried Face Lace once but they're such a great way to add some gorgeous detail to your face quickly!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  4. These look wicked! x

  5. Perfect, such a quick fix for halloween makeup for a last minute fancy dress



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