Monday, 13 October 2014

Eldora lashes

We have used Eldora lashes in tutorials for a while now but never really focused in on them in a blog post.
 For those of you as old as us here at Pixiwoo you may remember the dodgy TV program from the 90's set in Spain called Eldorado. Well that's what the name of these lashes always reminded me of! Anyway I'm waffling..

These lashes are not made in the Costa del sol as I imagined, they are made here in good old Blighty.. Manchester to be precise.
 I don't think I've known a lash brand to produce so many varying types of lashes which are also great quality. Real hair, synthetic, diamante, fabric, feather, individuals, you name it, they do it and all for a really reasonable price.

Eldora cater for so many eye shapes and are continually producing new lashes to keep up to date with whats going on in lash fashion. Yes there are some absolutely crazy ones but there are some great everyday lashes and some which are so natural you'd never guess you had them on.
 Their website is also really great at breaking down the different types available and showing you how each pair looks.
The prices range from around £4.90 up to £16.00 depending on the style.
 There are almost too many to choose from but we have included some of our favourites here..
H127 Real Hair
C148 Maxi Lashes
B153 Dark Synthetics

B184 Dark Synthetics
B188 Dark Synthetics
H106 Real Hair
H142 Real Hair
C107 Colour

M103 Multi Layered

H152 Real Hair
S202 Feather
M105 Multi Layered
C142 Colour

Eldora also offer a makeup artist discount which you can apply for with varying pieces of ID over on their website.
This is just a really small selection of what they have to offer so head over to their online site at
They offer UK, Europe and International shipping.


  1. These all look amazing - M103 Multi Layered and H142 Real Hair in particular! Will definitely check these out.
    RosieLM- Beauty Blog x

  2. Thanks for this great article!!! In case that you want to speed up growth of your eyebrows and eyelashes you can use castor oil like I describe it here

  3. So cool! x


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