Monday, 22 September 2014

New Powder Foundations

Some new powder foundations have landed on my desk this week. Not a product that usually excites me to be honest. I think I always have images of the caked, flat faces of 80's pop stars in my head.
 They have come a long way since then though and thinking I really should pay more attention to what is new in the world of powder bases I have had a play.

First up is Burberry Fresh glow compact foundation. The compacts from Burberry never cease to grab my attention. Solid looking gun metal compacts subtly embossed with the Burberry pattern.

Not a huge amount of colour choice with this one unfortunately. The four colours they do have are split between yellow and pink tones. The lightest two are pink undertones and the darkest two are yellow.

This powder provides a sheer to medium cover and looks beautiful on the skin. It doesn't look like a powder at all. It doesn't cling, cake or mask the skin. Rather than a matte finish it has a luminous, satin finish. It basically looks like you have a pair of 2 denier satin tights over your face!
 Skin tone is evened out and left looking healthy and radiant. If you have a combination or oily skin tone this will matte away your natural oil and replace it with a radiance. On dry skin I would suggest using a damp sponge to apply with to ensure it doesn't stick to any dry areas. The damp sponge will also increase the luminosity.
 Only downside for some people may be the scent. It is infused with rosehip and lavender so has quite a powdery soap smell. I love the scent but if you're not a fan of fragrance in products it may put you off. Reminds me of the scent of Parma violet sweets if you remember those!
 Not cheap at £38.00 but you can feel the quality on the skin and it lasts all day without sinking into lines.

New from Bobbi Brown is their Skin Weightless powder foundation.

Well done Bobbi Brown for having a huge colour line up of twenty shades. Ranging from alabaster through to espresso this foundation caters for a larger skin tone mix.
 I like the feel of this foundation. It's oil free but feels more like a cream to the touch. It's very airy and light in texture and will give you a sheer to light cover. Not a foundation for those who like a good coverage. Gives skin a natural fresh finish that resembles skin. It doesn't have the luminosity of the Burberry powder but would be a winner on all skin types due to the matte but creamy texture.
 Wears well and photographs lovely. Would make a nice addition as a powder on top of your regular foundation if you prefer a bit more cover.
 £33.00 and comes in a slightly more bulky mirrored compact.

Lastly is the new Clinique Anti-blemish solutions powder makeup. Out of the three this one feels more powdery. It also has more of a coverage giving a medium buildable look. The powder is jet milled to ensure it is super fine powder particles so it won't cake on the skin. Because of the more powdery finish this one works better on a combination to oily skin tone. Aimed at those who suffer from blemishes it contains salicylic acid to help with skin texture. It is also sweat, humididty and water resistant. Available in thirteen shades although I could only ever view twelve shades online.

 I like the finish, a little too heavy texture for me but looks natural and evens out skin redness well. Lasts well on the skin and didn't cake when I touched up throughout the day. This compact is £24.50.

All of these are available now on the following sites....



  1. Sweat, humidity and water resistant that's amazing! Which would you say was your favourite out of the three?

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  3. The Burberry one sounds amazing, and the Bobbi Brown packaging is on point as usual!

  4. I love the sound of the bobbi brown powder foundation! x


  5. Sounds lovely- I should try a powder foundation! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  6. I love powder foundations so I might have to try these! Please check out and follow my beauty and fashion blog:

  7. They all look lovely, but I'm always sucked in by the beautiful Burberry packaging. I've just done a review of some of your brushes on my blog, If you have a minute I'd love for you to have a look. Sophie x

  8. The Clinique one sounds the best as it's meant to help with blemishes which I always have haha. x

  9. Sensais Total Finish is DA BOM paired with Vichys bb cream. Like Airbrushed skin ♡♡♡♡. I have dry mixed skin and this works wonders! I CHALLENGE U!

  10. I just hate the color range from Clinique. When will they ever come up with something for olive/light olive/yellow undertoned complexions?


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