Monday, 29 September 2014

Heyland & Whittle 3 wick candle

The nights are drawing in so you know what this means guys....Candle time!!
There is something really comforting about getting home, closing the curtains and lighting a candle.
 Heyland and Whittle are a British brand created by husband and wife team Paddy Heyland and Ursula Whittle. They also make reed diffusers, room mists and soaps.

 We have recently been sent one of their new 3 wick candles. Made from soy wax which burns evenly.
The candles are set into a heavy glass bowl which contains 480g of candle, that's a whole lot of candle to burn!
The scent we have is green tea and grapefruit. Citrusy, zingy and fresh. As soon as you open the box the room is instantly filled with the scent.

All three wicks burn at the same time and because there are three flames there is a lot of light which radiates from it. Looks beautiful on a dark autumn night. This candle will have around 40 hours burn time.
 The glass does get hot as you burn it so make sure you stand it on a mat and that small hands can't get hold of it.
 Other scents which are available are orange spice and wild lemongrass.



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