Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Estee Lauder Autumn launches

September brings some new launches from Estee Lauder and this season it's all about sculpting.

Their new foundation is called Perfectionist Youth-infusing makeup. What's different about this foundation? It is infused with their perfectionist serum so along with the benefits of a foundation it also gives you the added skin care. Saves a bit of time in the morning I guess! The serum part helps to plump out fine lines (using hyaluronic acid) and helps to restructure skin by promoting collagen and elastin. It also contains an SPF 25 to protect skin all year round. I would say because of the serum this foundation would be suited for 30 years and up or younger if you find that fine lines are your issue.
 Coverage is medium but buildable and although this foundation has optical diffusers which give a soft radiance it does feel matte to the touch. Drys off quickly so blend fast. Ticks all the boxes with regards to working on all skin types. Looks nice on an oily skin as it doesn't feel tacky and on a dry skin it reflects the light to give radiance. Oil free and fragrance free (I don't particularly like the natural smell of it). Ensure your skin is well moisturised or primed before application as I found it settled a little on any dryer parts.
 Colours come in a whopping 22 shades and due to the specialist pigment technology the colours do blend easily into your individual skin tone making it easy to pick your shade.
 A really nice addition to the Lauder line up of foundation to give a healthy natural look that mimicks the natural skin.
 This foundation is £37.00.

 New sculpting eyeshadow palettes in five different colour options. Each palette includes five shades which work in harmony with each other to create a natural contour for day or evening. Shades are designed to contour and highlight naturally with high colour pigment and a mix of rich warm and cool tones.
L Ivory Power, Top R Untamed Teal, Bottom R Defiant Nude
All colours are powder and are a velvet matte, satin and pearl finish. The colours feel so creamy and rich that you can even blend over the eye with your finger and it will give you a full cover. I love the finish of these colours. Luxurious and so easy to use. These pigments are seriously string and blend like a dream. We only have three palettes to show you (see above). These are £40.00 each.
01 Defiant Nude

02 Ivory Power

07 Untamed Teal
Both the foundation and eye shadow palettes are available from 1st September 2014



  1. Foundation sounds particularly good, shame that you have to blend fast though - I always struggle with products like that.

    1. Have you ever tried applying them with a sponge? I use the Estee Lauder Doublewear Light and find it a dream to apply with a damp RT Miracle Complexion Sponge. Otherwise it also dries quickly and is a hassle.

  2. The Ivory Power palette looks really nice, some lovely shades!

  3. The palette colours are gorgeous Xx

  4. The palette has some gorgeuos shades! X

  5. Them palettes look amazing! So pretty and gorgeous colours!

  6. I'd be so tempted by the foundation because I absolutely lovely double wear but on my "good skin days" its a bit too heavy duty so something like this would be perfect but £37!?! makeup is sooo expensive these days! Love the nude palette shades, particularly the second from the left :)

  7. the palettes look lovely x

  8. Ooh ivory power looks lovely! Http://

  9. stunning colours! absolutely gorgeous, ah could do a few good combos with these! :D check out my blog if you like, have a great day everyone !x

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