Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Colour Wow Root cover up

From space you can see the great barrier reef, the great wall of China and my great big roots. Nothing worse than realising your hair appointment is still two weeks away and your roots look so dark.
 I had kind of dismissed this Colour Wow product. I thought it wouldn't work, would look chalky and would make my hair feel gross. I was so wrong!!

These slimline palettes contain a mirrored lid, a section of the pressed powder colour and a duel ended application brush.
 The idea is to use the firm end of the brush to apply the powder with precision to the roots. You can then use the larger end to dust over bigger sections.
 The powder is available in six colours. A black, three shades of brown, a blonde and a platinum.
 They can be used on greying hair or in between hair appointments to cover the root.
 It doesn't mask the hair in a thick covering but lightly dusts over and clings to the hair to brighten, add a tint of colour and lift the darkness.

 It can be used on all hair types and is particularly good on greasy roots as the mica and talc help to absorb the oil.
 The colours are very versatile and you don't have to get an exact colour match (obviously go lighter rather than darker). Just go for the closest option and it will blend really well.

 If you touch your hair throughout the day then you may want to carry this in your bag to touch up but otherwise it lasts really well. Can be brushed out or washed out at the end of the day. 
 If you get caught in the rain it's going to fade away but it won't run down your face because it's just a super fine powder.

My hair is a honey blonde but I tested the platinum Colour Wow on my roots because I wanted to lift and lighten.
Left-Before, Right- After
  I was amazed how much it made a difference. I just quickly dusted the powder over in a few seconds and it looked like I had just had my hair highlighted!
Not cheap at £28.50 but a product which will last you months and months and is a savior on a bad hair day.



  1. great^^

  2. this would be brilliant for red hair :(

  3. Omg going to have to try this! Damn pre mature grey hairs!



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