Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Clarins Instant Concealer

This concealer is basically an extra 5 hours sleep in a bottle. Being a water based, aloe vera infused concealer means this glides into the skin giving the illusion of a second skin. Creamy but due to the high water content it doesn't settle into fine lines. Provides a medium but buildable coverage that evens out pigmentation and dark circles without looking ashy or over illuminated (providing you choose the right colour).
 Caffeine extract stimulates the delicate skin to help shift toxins, reduce puffiness and give skin a revitalised freshness.
 The finish is softly radiant without being illuminating so you won't get any flash back or panda eyes!
 Only available in three shades which is a shame. Each colour has a peach undertone. The peach tone counteracts the grey/blue undertones of dark circles. The three tones they do have however are really great at bouncing the light off of dark circles and give a beautiful silky, smooth finish under and around the eye.

 These colours would only work on a light through to medium skin toned. Would be no good for an olive through to dark skin tone.
 This concealer is also nice on those no makeup days when you just want to even out the skin gently and cover the bags!
 15ml is £21.00 and a little goes a long way so this would last you a good few months.
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  1. Could it be used to cover blemishes?

    1. You could but it would only really tone down the redness, it wouldn't give you much coverage and due to the slightly radiant finish it may highlight them slightly

  2. A shame about the colour range as it sounds exactly what I need! Fingers crossed they bring out more shades.

  3. Really liking the sound of this. As someone with dry skin, I tend not to use concealer around my eyes because it looks very unnatural and exaggerates my dryness, but this sounds like it might work for me.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  4. I really like the sound of this! I may have to give this one a go xx

    BerrieBlogs {beauty blog}

  5. I saw it on Sephora but I wasn't sure because of the price.... hmmmm maybe I'll give it a try

  6. I love the Concealer. Would always purchase it again (lightest version)

  7. I like Rimmel's wake me up concealer for under the eyes, it's quite water based and doesn't settle into the fine lines!
    alicekatex ♥

  8. 15ml? WOW great value for money! Might have to pick this up

    BLOG SALE | The little things in life

  9. Would this work on a fair/olive skin tone? I am fair-porcelain skinned with green undertones, so finding a match proves difficult. :/

  10. This sounds awesome, and the price is actually great! Would love to try out the second shade. :)

  11. It looks lovely, such a shame about the colour range - I have olive skin and they look very peachy pink! x


  12. An extra 5 hours sleep in a bottle!? Definitely need this. I'm so fair though so not sure it would go light enough sadly! xx

  13. I definitely need this in my life! Looks amazing!

  14. This sounds fantastic esp with winter just round the corner. I'm generally not a big Clarins fan but I think I'll try the palest shade next time I'm in Boots cos it looks light enough even for my milk-bottle skin! :)

  15. Hi Ladies,

    Love this post & anything Clarins have to offer. You mentioned that it is not suitable for olive skin which is what I have & the options of colour are pretty limited on this product. So can you reccomend a good concelear, anything Clarins would be brilliant or what ever you think for olive skin which has the same pros as the this product!

    Any advice would be great, xo

  16. the shades 1-2 look practically the same and the shade 3 is so much darker!! You would definitely have to mix them to get the perfect shade which is extremely annoying!! ]


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